A new multi-million mall is set to open in Dubai in 2026

shopping centres. They seem to be everywhere, and there’s always something special that makes us want to go and see them. We will be able to visit another mall in Sobha Hartland in 2026; the estimated cost is more than 210 million dirhams.

The architecture of the new mall integrates recreation, gastronomy, culture, and environment. It will be the ideal location for Sobha Hartland residents to visit, fostering a feeling of community.

The 339,000 square foot complex will have a supermarket, 35 retail outlets, a gym, play courts, a kid-friendly soft play area, and more than ten eateries serving a wide range of cuisines.

In keeping with its commitment to sustainability, Sobha Realty included water elements and flora into the architecture of the mall. The skylight roof design will also provide natural lighting.

The “vibrant bowl,” which extends from the basement to the roof, will be another distinctive aspect of the mall. Green walls, water features, floating pods, and natural lighting are all part of the biophilic design, which will not only promote a calm environment and brighten the mall’s interiors but also encourage plant growth.

In order to improve the experience of visitors, the mall will have cutting-edge technologies including interactive displays, smart lighting systems, and digital wayfinding, according to the premium real estate developer.

“We are delighted to unveil our new mall, which is a testament to our long-standing commitment towards elevating living experiences for our residents,” said Sobha Group Co-Chairman Ravi Menon. The project exemplifies our goal of developing integrated, community-focused areas that offer top-notch shopping, fine eating, and a wide range of entertainment opportunities in a smooth, convenient manner.

“The mall is designed to be more than just a retail location; it is intended to serve as a vital hub for community involvement that provides the perfect fusion of nature, culture, and recreation to raise the standard of living for both locals and visitors,” he continued.

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