DXB Airport at Eid: Only passengers with tickets will be permitted inside terminal

Dubai International (DXB) is preparing for the rise in traffic during this busy season, with the Eid Al Adha break just around the corner.

From Wednesday, June 12 to Tuesday, June 25, more than 3.7 million passengers will arrive at Dubai Airport, with an average of 264,000 travellers each day.

It is anticipated that June 22 will be the busiest day, with around 287,000 visitors.

But don’t worry—DXB is making sure that the pre-trip airport encounter runs well.

In fact, Dubai Airports has provided a list of travel warnings for visitors who are flying in the upcoming weeks to ensure you have a hassle-free trip. Among them are:

  • Emirates offers its customers the advantages of early, self-, and home check-in in addition to city check-in alternatives.
  • Travellers on other airlines should aim to be at DXB no later than three hours before their scheduled departure time when using online check-in when it’s available.
  • To avoid any last-minute shocks, make sure to research your airline’s baggage restrictions and packing requirements in advance.
  • Prepared to move quickly through the security screening process. Check your hand luggage for metal items (watch, jewellery, phone, coins, belt) and carry liquids, aerosols and gels in accordance with the guidelines.
  • Smart Gates expedite passport control for families with children older than twelve.
  • Make sure you have all the required paperwork available and that you are informed of the most recent travel laws that apply to your location.
  • To save surprises at the airport and to expedite your vacation, arrange your travel documents ahead of time and weigh your bags at home.
  • Don’t forget to include power banks and extra batteries in your hand luggage.
  • Goodbyes should be said at home because only visitors will be allowed inside the terminals at busy times.
  • To avoid traffic, take the Dubai Metro between Terminals 1 and 3 and to and from the airport.
  • The only vehicles allowed entry to the arrivals forecourts in Terminals 1 and 3 are approved airport vehicles and public transportation.

If you intend to depart during this period, be sure you’ve read through all of the advice and arrive at the airport extra early to spend some time there. In order to pass the time while you wait for your flight, check out our list of the top 10 activities to do in Dubai International Airport.

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