Here’s how AI can help you travel from Dubai this year

How much time do you put into organising a vacation, including choosing the activities, the itinerary, and the spending limit?

Imagine being able to arrange an itinerary in a matter of minutes. That’s exactly what AI trip planners are assisting people with.

In order to plan and research their travels, 44% of visitors worldwide are utilising generative artificial intelligence, according to Skyscanner’s Travel Trends 2024 survey.

However, the tool you use and the prompts you enter will determine everything. When utilising AI to create your travel itinerary, keep the following points in mind:

Your travel goals

Which kind of tourist are you? Which kind of calendar would you prefer—one packed with activities or one that incorporates leisure time? Are you seeking culture, adventure, leisure, or a particular experience? Everything on this list is pertinent to the explanation you provide to your AI travel planner.

The logistics

Include the mode of transportation you’ll be using, such as car, train, or aeroplane. and any additional metrics that come to mind. Write about your level of fitness, for instance, if you want to go trekking, so the AI tool can help you create a plan that fits. In a similar vein, consider your age.

Mention your budget

Mention any financial limitations you may have, which might be for the entire vacation or just something in particular, to obtain a realistic idea of what is possible.

Use AI to analyse, but double-check

There is potential for error because AI technologies are still not perfect; be sure to review the options provided, especially in regard to pricing and the amount of time needed to complete specific tasks.

Verify the information on several websites to be sure you have the most recent, trustworthy report.

Types of AI travel planners available in the market include:

Chatbots: These digital assistants offer immediate assistance to customers and suggest trip destinations.

Predictive algorithms: They can plan your next journey based on historical travel patterns and your data. They will recommend destinations and activities based on your interests.

Recommendation engines: AI software is now available that can provide you with both customised vacation itineraries and broad recommendations.

5 AI options to help you plan that perfect trip

Trip Planner AI

Using characteristics like whether you are travelling alone or with a group, your budget, and any other preferences you would like to take into account, our free planner helps you create and customise your trip.


This free travel planner feature will not only design a trip itinerary based on your desired destination and spending limit, but also on factors like your preferred cuisine (vegetarian or halal), activities (beach, city sightseeing, food exploration, nightlife, etc.), and other interests.

TripGen by Trip

Visit and engage with TripGen, the chatbot, to receive a meticulously curated itinerary with suggestions for your upcoming vacation. It will not just recommend things at a specific site but also next lodging options, rental cars, and tours.


You can select the city, the length of stay, the type of housing, your budget, and the most convenient method of transportation with this AI option. You’ll receive an itinerary that covers everything in a matter of seconds.

Google Bard

If you provide them with specific guidelines to follow, you are able to employ other tools like Google Bard to generate a daily schedule for you. You can get travel information, recommendations for what to do, and Google Maps that connect one place to the next.

It seems like all you need to do is plan your ideal vacation; AI will take care of the rest.

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