How to pay DEWA bills using ENOC/EPPCO in Dubai

Due to the intense heat in Dubai, staying cool is crucial, which means paying your DEWA payment! To wait in queue at a customer service centre, though, who has the time? Fortunately, in Dubai, you have the option to pay your DEWA bills using ENOC/EPPCO. You can use the dedicated kiosks at these service stations to pay your DEWA bill while you’re on the road!

The tutorial will explain how to use ENOC/EPPCO in Dubai along with alternative payment options to pay DEWA bills. Additionally, we have some excellent advice on how to reduce your bill during this heatwave!

How to pay DEWA Bill using ENOC/EPPCO in Dubai

Because ENOC and EPPCO stations have excellent locations across Dubai, they’re a wonderful choice for convenient and rapid DEWA bill payments. You can pay your DEWA bills in Dubai around-the-clock to accommodate your hectic schedule thanks to the cooperation between DEWA and ENOC.

In ENOC/EPPCO stations, there are two ways to pay your DEWA bill:

  • Cashier: Present your DEWA bank card number and desired payment amount to the cashier. Keep in mind that the cashier only accepts currency as payment.
  • Smart Kiosk: Select the self-service smart kiosk for a faster and more automated experience. To make your payment, you’ll need the cash balance and your DEWA ID.

Recall that cash is needed for all ENOC/EPPCO cashier and kiosk transactions.

Additionally, payments paid by 3:00 PM on that day will show up in your DEWA profile. After 3:00 PM, transactions will be credited the following business day.

Are you still trying to find another way to pay your DEWA bills? Check out the text below!

Other DEWA bills payment channels

DEWA has worked with third parties/agencies to allow bill payment via cash or debit/credit card, making it easier for residents to pay their bills on time.

We have already talked about one way, which is paying DEWA bills in Dubai through ENOC/EPPCO. Additional techniques include of:

  • The DEWA Smart App
  • DEWA Webpage
  • UAE Smart App empay
  • DubaiNow Mobile
  • Easy Payment
  • Automatic Pay
  • Pay with Apple
  • Samsung Payments
  • Using Etisalat’s e& money app, pay your DEWA bill.
  • Tayseer (for multiple accounts with DEWA)
  • Banks
  • Cash and cheque deposit devices operated by Emirates NBD and Emirates Islamic Bank

Using WhatsApp to pay the DEWA bill is a bonus to these traditional techniques. Open the WhatsApp app, enter +971-4-601-9999 as a contact, and keep going until you’ve verified or paid the bill.

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