Planning a holiday? Flight prices to these destinations have dropped for UAE travellers

Vacation planning may be difficult, especially if you’re on limited funds.

Knowing which vacation locations provide the most value for money is helpful, as 32% of UAE travellers claim that airfare costs influence their decision to go.

Fortunately, international travel website Skyscanner has identified the top locations globally where airfare for UAE passengers has decreased.

As to the Travel Trends: Redefining value through experience in 2024 research, there has been a substantial drop in airfare from the United Arab Emirates to some cities, including Rome and New York.

A variety of locations have made the list: tickets to Mal in the Maldives are now 58% less expensive than they were before, and flights to Orlando, US, have seen a 72 percent price cut.

The following 10 vacation spots saw the biggest decreases in airfare for travellers departing from the United Arab Emirates in the last 12 months:

  • Orlando, US: 72% down in price
  • Malé, Maldives: 58% reduction in cost
  • Rome, Italy: A 52% decrease in price
  • Munich, Germany: A 47% decrease in price
  • Brussels, Belgium: a 32% decrease in cost
  • US: New York, 29% down in price
  • Bangkok, Thailand: A 23% decrease in cost
  • Antalya, Turkey: A 21% decrease in cost
  • Istanbul, Turkey: 19% reduction in price
  • Los Angeles, US: 17% reduction in cost

Rome and New York are two of the most sought-after travel locations and the top price-droppers, according to Skyscanner’s data on UAE visitors’ favourite places to visit.

The top ten travel locations in the UAE with the largest year-over-year search volume growth are listed below:

  • Japan’s Osaka +305%
  • Turkey’s Antalya, +273%
  • Tokyo, Japan +250%
  • Rome, Italy +154%
  • Berlin, 96% of Germany
  • The Netherlands’ Amsterdam, +62%
  • New York, United States +62%
  • London, United Kingdom~+52%
  • Greece’s Athens +47%
  • Paris, France +32%

Do you want to know what UAE tourists want to know when they make their trip plans? The study shows that the three main aspects that UAE travellers consider when choosing where to go on vacation are food (61 percent), attractions (64 percent), and weather (68 percent). Historical tours, visiting the beach, and trying local cuisine are the most popular cultural activities.

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