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The chill pill: 5 cold dishes to sample in Dubai to cool off this summer

You can’t resist searching for foods that will put out the flames when summer’s sizzle hits. Naturally, as the weather rises, people prefer chilled and cold dishes more. Seasonal recipes are especially delicious, showcasing the finest of the season’s bounty with vibrant tastes, reviving ingredients, and light, airy characteristics. Try some of the items on this list if you want to relax.

The quintet of summer steak tartare at Couqley (Dhs79)

Try not one, not two, but five different iterations of this delicious cold French meal that dates back to the early 1900s. The Steak Tartare on Ice Festival, which features French steak tartare, beef tartare Méditerranée, chipotle Latino beef tartare, wagyu shiitake miso truffle, and summer fresh garden tartare, is bringing the essence of this regional tradition to Dubai, thanks to neighbourhood favourite French brasserie Couqley. a strong, savoury competitor.

The Maguro crudo at Kokoro (Dhs75)

The newly opened Kokoro Hand Roll Bar’s Maguro crudo is a great way to start the summer for everyone who like shellfish. This dish, which has pickled cucumber, ponzu, and bluefin tuna, is incredibly fresh and bursting with bright, tart flavours that don’t compromise on its delectable, airy texture. Everything at Kokoro is served merely cold, but because the crudo has liquid in it, it is served significantly colder. After that, you’ll be hankering after more.

Nuestro Gazpacho at La Nina

Gazpacho, a warm-weather favourite from Spain and Portugal, is a cool, refreshing soup made mostly of blended raw vegetables, with the tomato serving as the main ingredient. It’s a summer dish through and through because it’s consumed widely during the summer all through the Iberian peninsula. This everyday favourite is given a makeover at La Niña, complete with avocado ice cream, croutons, grapes, and chilli. Although some might disagree, I believe soup qualifies as a meal, especially when it’s full of vitamins as this one.

Hiyashi chuka at YUi (Dhs67)

This is not just an appetiser; it’s a full-fledged meal that will fill you up for sure. A classic Japanese ramen noodle dish called Hiyashi Chuka is served cold with a rainbow of toppings from all over the world, combined with a vinaigrette. Because of the diversity of light and bright ingredients and its chilly nature, it’s usually a summer main course. Thin noodles made entirely of Japanese flour, atsu-yaki egg, carrot, daikon, cucumber, wakame, sweet corn, cherry tomato, kikurage, dried bean noodles and shrimp are included in YUi’s version.

Hokkaido cheese ice cream with roasted strawberries at Maison de la Plage (Dhs100)

There must be a sweet item on any decent list of cold foods, and the hokkaido cheese ice cream at Maison de la Plage is one that is quite tasty and quite the monster to devour. On a steamy evening, what could be more satisfying than some ice cream on the beach? When combined with the nearly-strawberry puree, the soft serve has a salty, malty quality that is almost like salted caramel without the added sweetness. This creates the ideal balance between the tartness of the fruit and the heaviness of the cheese. A success for summer.

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