Travelling out of town soon? Abu Dhabi police has a warning for UAE families

Families are preparing for a well-earned vacation from early July to late August as the UAE gets set for the extended summer break, but it’s imperative that you know how to keep your house safe while you’re away.

Travellers should pack their bags and head out for a vacation or a visit home now that they have eight wonderful weeks of summer vacation before them.

The Abu Dhabi police have sent out a strong reminder to put security measures in place at home before you leave.

Abu Dhabi Police’s golden rules when travelling

1. First things first: lock it up!

Verify that all windows, doors, and other entry points are firmly secured. Remember those covert rear entrances? They should also be sealed and jammed. This is the first thing that will protect you from any potential invaders.

2. Let’s get techy

Putting up security cameras has the potential to transform everything.

They deter criminals and enable you to monitor your house from a distance in case of any suspicious behaviour.

Consider using smart home technologies while you’re at it. You can feel even more at ease with alarm systems that offer real-time warnings and remote monitoring options.

3. Got valuables? Keep them safe!

Keep items of value, money, and critical papers in safe locations.

The easiest approach to ensure that these things are safe while you’re away is to store them in bank lockers or safe home safes.

4. Tell your neighbours

The age-old advice is to inform your neighbours of your travel schedule so they can keep an eye on your property.

A vigilant neighbour can detect anything that is unusual and is truly invaluable.

5. Don’t forget about your car

Ensure that it is securely locked and parked in a suitable spot. This shields your car from potential fire threats and aids in preventing theft.

6. Security checks

Speaking of fire, it’s imperative that you maintain the electrical and gas systems in your house on a regular basis.

Regular inspections can help avoid fire risks and guarantee that everything goes without a hitch while you’re on vacation.

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