When is the next public holiday in the UAE?

You’re in the right place if you’re already wondering when the next UAE public holiday is. Here, we examine the upcoming public holidays in the United Arab Emirates (and, presumably, a few priceless long weekends).

So, when is the next UAE public holiday?

At the end of the previous year, the UAE Cabinet, led by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, released a comprehensive schedule of public holidays for 2024.

The next public holiday is Hijri New Year/Islamic New Year, which is scheduled to fall on July 7, 2024 (Muharram 1), after the four-day Eid Al Adha vacation. But July 7 falls on a Sunday.

Does this mean that our long weekend is cancelled? Resolution No. 27 of 2024 states in its second section that “all of the official holidays… may be carried over by a Cabinet decision to the beginning or end of the week, with the exception of Eid holidays.”

If the UAE government decide to declare a holiday, we will have to wait for their announcement. Keep watching as we are monitoring any updates.

Are there any confirmed public holidays in UAE coming up?

As for public holidays, UAE National Day (also known as Union Day) will be observed after Eid Al Adha. The UAE Cabinet resolution states that on December 2 and 3, which are Monday and Tuesday, there will be a two-day vacation for both the public and private sectors to commemorate the anniversary. This means that people who have weekends off will get four days off.

The only other holiday we will have to wait for after this is in 2025. January 1st will be a holiday, as it has been in recent years, so everyone can enjoy the start of a new year. The date is a Wednesday. For the remainder of 2025’s Christmas season,

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