You can now make suggestions for road names in Dubai

The Dubai Municipality is in charge of a new portal that allows the public to suggest names for new streets and roads in Dubai.

There are a few things to think about before we get too excited and believe we can name a road after ourselves or a loved one. (*taps backspace on form slowly.)

Your suggested name must be a tribute to Dubai; therefore, it must embody the city’s identity, history, values, and vast cultural, civilizational, and social diversity.

The proposal was made, and as part of an effort to encourage community involvement, the Dubai Road Naming Committee will oversee it.

What’s in a name?

How do names imply something? “That which we call a rose by a different name would smell similarly sweet,” is one of the most famous lines from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. It seems to imply that names don’t matter.

But because it is so significant to Dubai, any ideas you may have for names need to fit into certain criteria.

The Dubai Media Office lists “names linked to Arabic and Islamic design and architecture, along with names associated to art, culture, and Arabic poetic prosody” as belonging to these categories.

Along with names of wild and marine birds, you may also offer names that pay homage to local plants, trees, flowers, marine, and wild plants. You can even submit names that are associated with environmental sustainability, ships, marine tools, fishing, winds, and rain. In addition, the names of “squares, forts, old castles, archaeological sites, local and ancient jewellery, and names and descriptions of horses and Arabian camels” may be included.

Do you have a wise recommendation? You can submit a name suggestion at

The committee just finished naming roads in Al-Khawaneej. Some of the names chosen for the roads are Ghaf Street, Sidr, Reehan, Faghi, Samer, and Shareesh, all of which are inspired by local trees, plants, and flowers.

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