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Extend Your Cultural Journey: Explore Manar Abu Dhabi Exhibition before January 31

The exciting Manar Abu Dhabi exhibition has been extended until January 31st due to popular demand, giving visitors more time to immerse themselves in the rich cultural offerings. This temporary art event features over 35 captivating installations across 7 unique locations in the emirate, providing a vibrant platform for local, regional and international artists to showcase their talents.

The inaugural edition has already hosted lively audio-visual performances, musicals, poetry readings and dances, but there is still more to come before the exhibition’s closure. The remaining lineup includes creative collaborations between different musical traditions, continuing to demonstrate the bridges connecting diverse forms of cultural expression.

Both children and adults have the chance to journey through the event’s myriad of installations. Now is the time to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity, and expand your cultural horizons before January 31st.

Manar Abu Dhabi Exhibition: A Cultural Extravaganza

The Manar Abu Dhabi exhibition truly is a cultural extravaganza, spanning seven distinct locations across the emirate. From the eye-catching installations along the Corniche Road, to those nestled within the Eastern Mangroves, this ambitious event transforms Abu Dhabi into an immersive artistic playground.

The exhibition features a dynamic combination of artworks, installations and special commissions. Mediums range from sculpture and painting, to photography and interactive light displays. Styles are equally diverse, fusing both traditional and contemporary creative visions. The unifying thread is a celebration of human expression, bringing vibrancy to the urban and natural landscapes.

Overview of the extended exhibition period until January 31

Initially slated to conclude earlier this month, the Manar Abu Dhabi exhibition has now been extended by popular demand until January 31st. This gives art enthusiasts and cultural explorers extra time to experience the immense creative offerings across the emirate.

The exhibition features over 35 captivating installations spanning 7 locations. From Abu Dhabi’s picturesque natural islands like Lulu and Al Samaliyah, to developed areas including the Corniche, Saadiyat and Jubail Islands, there is artistic intrigue around every corner.

The extended January timeline still promises a lineup of audio-visual performances, fusing music, dance and poetic expression. Diverse creative collaborations bring traditional folk influences into contemporary contexts. There’s something for all ages to enjoy at this temporary art event. Its extension until the end of January provides the perfect opportunity to enrich oneself culturally, and start the new year with an elevated artistic perspective.

Unique Art Installations

The Manar Abu Dhabi exhibition features a myriad of unique art installations across seven distinct locations. The variety and artistry on display is incredibly impressive.

On Lulu Island, guests can wander through the sandy shores and take in gorgeous seaside light sculptures. Over on Saadiyat Island, the installation ‘Meeting Points’ interweaves Arab mathematics and geometry with an augmented reality experience.

Along the iconic Corniche Road, sightseers will spot vibrant animal shapes in ‘Habitat by Karim Jabbari’. This creation aims to highlight the importance of protecting endangered species. Other standouts include a giant luminous pearl structure on Jubail Island, and a thought-provoking labyrinth structure titled ‘The Path’ within the Eastern Mangroves. Everywhere you look, creative visions abound.

This world-class exhibition has secured contributions from artists representing over 20 different nationalities. Their installations collectively transform Abu Dhabi into an immersive cultural playground. One simply must experience these creative jewels before January 31st.

Description of the various art installations across 7 locations in the emirate

The Manar Abu Dhabi exhibition features over 35 wonderful installations spread out across 7 distinct locations in the emirate. Each area provides its own unique backdrop, from Abu Dhabi’s glistening natural islands, to its bustling urban hubs.

On Al Samaliyah Island, guests are treated to a giant geometric dome structure at the beach, with creative lighting displays at night. Over on Fahid Island, vibrant animal shapes in ‘Habitat by Karim Jabbari’ adorn the waterfront area.

Jubail Island visitors can wander through a glittering cluster of pearls in the ‘Hemisphere’ installation, while Saadiyat Island houses an innovative augmented reality experience fusing mathematics and Islamic geometry.

Highlights of the program, including audio-visual performances, musicals, poetry, and dances

Beyond its spectacular installations, the Manar Abu Dhabi exhibition has hosted a vibrant program of performances adding a further dynamic layer. From audio-visual displays, to music, dance and poetic verse, creative talents from around the world have graced its stages.

December’s opening weeks saw Congolese contemporary dancer Faustin Linyekula collaborate with Emirati heritage performers. This high-energy showcase fused modern and traditional afro-beat movements to reflect cross-cultural connections. Poets also took the stage, with the group Rooftop Rhythms curating an evocative spoken word evening.

Come January, musical highlights included Malaysian artist Siti Muharam leading a concert with the Unguja All Stars. Fusing Arabic and Swahili linguistic influences in song, this event highlighted the shared musical heritage of the Indian Ocean region. The Tribal Street Dance ensemble also pioneered a unique drums and dance concept titled ‘The Drums Unite Us’.

With a few weeks still left, guests can expect more cross-cultural exchange and artistic diversity until January 31st. The next performance sees two Khaleeji bands reinvent Emirati and Kuwaiti folk tunes for a contemporary audience.

Inaugural Edition Highlights

As the inaugural version of this ambitious art exhibition, the creative talents and performances showcased have set a high bar for future events. Despite only spanning a few weeks, the lineup has impressively represented over 20 nationalities from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and beyond.

In the realm of music, we have seen Congolese choreographer Faustin Linyekula blend modern and traditional dances from the UAE and Africa. This not only highlighted cross-cultural connections, but also the timeless capacity for movement and rhythm to unite peoples. Malaysian musician Siti Muharam also led a concert reinventing Swahili and Arabic songs to demonstrate the shared musical heritage of the Indian Ocean region.

The poetry evenings curated by Rooftop Rhythms provided an evocative showcase of linguistic diversity. Arabic, English and Hindi verses resonated alongside each other. Hip-hop dance collabs like The Drums Unite Us also pioneered a unique drums and dance concept that transcended cultural barriers.

Showcase of the diverse performances by local, regional, and international artists

The inaugural Manar Abu Dhabi exhibition has spotlighted performances by diverse artists representing over 20 nationalities from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and beyond. Fusing both traditional and contemporary creative visions, it has crossed linguistic, artistic and cultural boundaries.

In the realm of music, Congolese choreographer Faustin Linyekula collaborated with Emirati heritage performers to blend modern dance and traditional afro-beat movements. This highlighted connections between African and Khaleeji influences. Malaysian musician Siti Muharam also led a concert reinventing Arabic and Swahili songs to showcase musical links between the Gulf and Indian Ocean/East Africa.

Notable acts and showcases from the December and recent events

The Manar Abu Dhabi exhibition only launched in December 2022, but has already showcased an impressive diversity of talent. The opening weeks saw renowned Congolese dancer Faustin Linyekula collaborate with Emirati heritage performers for a high-energy fusion of modern and traditional dances.

The group Rooftop Rhythms also curated a memorable evening of multilingual poetry. Their evocative verses in Arabic, English and Hindi highlighted the universality of human stories and experiences, which resonate across cultures.

Come January, musical highlights included Malaysian musician Siti Muharam leading the Unguja All Stars in a concert reinventing Swahili and Arabic folk songs. This demonstrated the historical Indian Ocean trade routes connecting Arabia and East Africa through music.

Extended Enjoyment

The extension of the Manar Abu Dhabi exhibition until January 31st allows for expanded enjoyment of its myriad cultural offerings. With over 35 creative installations spanning 7 locations, this temporary art event has transformed Abu Dhabi into an immersive playground where imagination reigns.

Both children and adults now have additional time to journey through the exhibition’s visual delights across Lulu, Al Samaliyah and Saadiyat Islands. The diverse lineup of audio-visual performances also continues, from the fusion of Khaleeji folk tunes to poetic showcases.

Opportunity for adults and children to experience over 35 installations by 22 artists

With the exhibition now extended until January 31st, both adults and children have the exciting opportunity to explore over 35 captivating installations crafted by 22 diverse artists. Spanning painting, sculpture, light displays and more, the creative visions brought to life are truly remarkable.

Little ones can joyfully wander through the oversized animal shapes in ‘Habitat’ along the Corniche, visualizing the vibrant forms as gigantic pets. Grown-ups interested in sustainability can traverse the ‘Bioplastic Morphogenesis’ labyrinth structure within the Eastern Mangroves, appreciating its environmental commentary.

An exciting dimension of the Manar Abu Dhabi exhibition is its vibrant lineup of music, dance and poetic performances allowing visitors to engage with diverse cultural expressions. The extension until January 31st means there are still more of these evocative showcases to experience.


The Manar Abu Dhabi exhibition’s extension until January 31st offers an exciting opportunity for cultural enrichment. With over 35 creative installations by 22 artists spanning 7 locations, it has transformed Abu Dhabi into an immersive artistic playground. Diverse exhibits fuse contemporary and traditional visions across painting, sculpture, photography and beyond. Vibrant performances have included Congolese-Emirati dance collabs, reinvented folk songs, evocative multilingual poetry, and more. Truly a cultural extravaganza, this temporary open-air gallery has brought art out of formal institutions into the fabric of daily life. Locals and visitors alike may happen upon its creative jewels by chance. The event celebrates cross-cultural connections, with over 20 nationalities represented.

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