Guide to cigarette prices in Dubai

Are you curious about the cost of cigarettes in Dubai? You’ve arrived at the right place! A pricing update for cigarettes is given in this article. We’ll break things down for you, including the lowest cost per pack and if any changes based on the brand you select. You may use this knowledge to find some of the best discounts on cigarettes in Dubai, no matter if you live there or only plan on the trip. Now go ahead and read on!

Overview: Cigarette Price in Dubai

Cigarettes sold in Dubai are subject to excise taxes imposed by the UAE government. The levy is imposed on the cost of goods that are thought to be harmful to the environment or public health. For instance, items like pipes, shisha, cigarettes, and more that contain tobacco are also subject to the tax rates.

In an effort to protect public health and safety, the government raised the cost of cigarettes once more at the end of 2019. The first revisions to cigarette prices in the UAE were announced in 2018.

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) notified these levies, and they become operative on December 1, 2019. This covers tobacco and tobacco-related goods that are included in GCC Common Custom Policy Schedule 24.

Because tobacco products in the United Arab Emirates are subject to a 100% excise tax, the cost of cigarettes and e-cigarettes in the nation inevitably rises.

According to the FTA, the purpose of these levies is to “limit the consumption of products that harm an individual’s health.”

Latest Cigarette Prices in Dubai

As of right now, a pack of cigarettes in Dubai and the rest of the UAE costs AED 18. All local tobacco products and cigarette brands sold in the United Arab Emirates are subject to this minimal pricing.

The price increase not only shields the public from products that harm the environment and public health, but it also stops pricing manipulation used to evade taxes.

Duty-Free Dubai Cigarette Price List

Duty-free cigarettes in Dubai start at AED 123 for a pack of 200 cigarettes. VAT and excise duty are included in the pricing. Make sure to visit the official Duty-Free website to verify the Duty-Free allowance limit applicable to your nation.

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