How to report fraudulent calls in the UAE

Since the protection and security of its citizens and communities is of utmost importance, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken action against all forms of criminality, including scammers and fraudsters. These phone fraudsters utilise various tactics, sometimes known as phishing efforts, to con unsuspecting and credulous citizens of the United Arab Emirates out of their money. In order to take prompt action against the perpetrators of these crimes, police officials in the United Arab Emirates have enabled citizens to report scam calls. These days, MyBayut provides fundamental guidance on protecting oneself from these con artists as well as information on reporting scam numbers in the United Arab Emirates.

How do i report a scam phone number in the UAE

These are the methods to report UAE scam numbers to the police authorities if you have received a call from a scammer.


Do you know where in Dubai one should report phone scams? You can report a phone scam to the Dubai Police by using the following channels.

First, you can give the toll-free hotline a call at 901 (901). You will be asked to choose the department you wish to get in touch with. You can select option ‘0’ for a conversation with a customer service agent or option ‘3’ to speak with the Department of Criminal Investigation (CID). This allows you to alert Dubai Police about an illegal phone number.

Alternatively, you can report the scammers via Dubai Police’s e-Crime portal if you have been the victim of a phone scam call, which means they have gained sensitive information like your bank data. Reporting all forms of cybercrime, including emails, social media, hacking, blackmail, and more, is the focus of the e-Crime service.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi citizens can use the Aman Service, which is provided by the Abu Dhabi Police, to report a fraud number in the United Arab Emirates.

The police have launched the Aman Service in an effort to collaborate with the public and continuously enhance residents’ and citizens’ security. By texting 2828 or phoning the toll-free number 800-2626, you can report fraudulent numbers.

Sharjah and Ajman

Dialling 901 will connect residents of Sharjah and Ajman to the appropriate phone centre for the emirate’s law enforcement officials. They have the option of selecting the appropriate department to speak with.

In order to obtain private information from you, phone scammers frequently pose as representatives of your bank or telecom company (like du or Etisalat). In such circumstances, you should alert your provider, bank, or other relevant party in addition to the police authorities. In order for the proper customer care numbers in the UAE to take the necessary action after receiving a questionable call, you can report them.

How do you identify phone scammers and fraudsters in the UAE?

Phone fraudsters employ a variety of strategies and techniques to trick gullible people into divulging personal information. The following situations are typical ways that con artists deceive victims, so be aware of them if you want to learn how to spot phone scams in the United Arab Emirates:

  • Calls from an unknown number purporting to be telecom providers, well-known merchants, or other respectable businesses, telling you that you have won a cash award. You will be asked for personal information by these con artists, such as your bank account and credit card number. The fraudsters will then take money from the victim’s bank account after obtaining this information.
  • Scammers calling, texting, or messaging you on WhatsApp who pretend to be bank workers and ask to update your bank statement. They will threaten to block your “ATM card” if you do not provide the requested personal information, which includes bank account data, PIN numbers, and other information that banks never ask for over the phone.
  • Con artists that pose as law enforcement officials and trick you into disclosing verification codes and other private information.

These are but a few of the typical situations that inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates may encounter when interacting with phone fraudsters. In order to target victims, scammers are increasingly sending messages using social media platforms like WhatsApp. MyBayut provides some crucial advice that you should always abide by in order to keep yourself from falling for these phone scams.

How to protect yourself from Scammers

  • Never give out personal information over the phone or online, including PINs, credit/debit card numbers, banking data, or passport information.
  • Never answer a call from a strange or unknown number. Avoid returning calls from shady numbers since you will be billed right away.
  • Don’t give any private data if you receive a call from an unknown number claiming to be from your telecom provider or a store you often go to, and they are notifying you about an award of money. To confirm the origins of the call, give the store or the vendor a call back at a number you can verify.
  • It’s best to block a suspect number when you receive a call from it and report it using the previously outlined techniques.
  • Fraudsters also employ a technique called spoofing, in which they pose as reliable sources in order to trick victims into divulging personal information. This implies that con artists may contact you by email or phone while posing as friends or family. As a result, wait before answering an unusual request from a known phone number or email address. Rather, get in touch with them again to be sure the request is authentic.

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