Prepare for an Exciting Ride: A Comprehensive Handbook on E-Scooters in Dubai

E-scooters have emerged as an eco-friendly and convenient transport option in Dubai. They run on electric power, producing no direct emissions. This aligns with Dubai’s vision to increase sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of transportation.

E-scooters offer residents and visitors a fun way to get around parts of the city quickly while enjoying the outdoors. Their compact size allows navigating areas with heavy traffic. Riders can easily park e-scooters at destinations.

To ensure safety and responsible use, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has devised a comprehensive set of guidelines and regulations for e-scooter rental and riding in Dubai.

Requirements for riders, including age, licensing, and safety checks

  • RTA regulations contain rider requirements to ensure safe e-scooter use in Dubai:
  • Minimum age is 16 years.
  • Riders must carry a valid driving license.

These requirements aim to protect rider safety, while preventing behaviour that could endanger pedestrians and other vehicles. Responsible riding is key as e-scooters integrate with existing transport infrastructure.

Rules and Regulations

Age and Licensing Requirements

The RTA stipulates riders must be 16 years or older and carry a valid driving license, typically a car license. This ensures basic road safety knowledge and experience.

For tourists aged 16 years or above, a valid international driving license is required along with a passport. Specialist e-scooter licenses are currently not mandatory.

Those under 16 years are prohibited from renting or riding e-scooters in Dubai due to safety concerns.

Pre-Ride Safety Checks

Riders must perform safety checks before unlocking e-scooters for use in Dubai:

  • Ensure brakes, lights, bells and other systems function properly.
  • Check tires for adequate pressure and tread.
  • Make sure batteries are adequately charged.
  • Wear closed shoes, helmets and bright/reflective clothing for visibility.

Conducting these checks reduces breakdowns and accidents. Riders not performing checks may be fined by authorities.

Importance of wearing appropriate attire, helmet, and performing checks

Wearing helmets and appropriate attire prevents injuries in case of accidents while increasing rider visibility to vehicles/pedestrians.

Bright/reflective clothing makes e-scooter riders conspicuous even in low light. Closed shoes provide protection versus loose sandals.

Pre-ride checks prevent technical issues like sudden battery drainage or brake failure during rides. They are essential for safety.

Together, these measures ensure a smooth, uninterrupted and safe ride for the e-scooter rider as well as other vehicles/people sharing the roads and walkways.

Parking and Technical Requirements

The RTA mandates that e-scooters only be parked in designated parking spots after use. These are typically found close to metro stations, bus stops and areas with high foot traffic. Improper parking can obstruct pedestrians and traffic, inviting fines.

Technical requirements are also stipulated for legal use of e-scooters in Dubai:

  • Maximum speed limited to 20 km/hour
  • Weight not exceeding 100 kg
  • Width of 70cm or less
  • Front and rear lights plus reflectors mandatory
  • Working bell required
  • Hydraulic/electric brakes on both wheels

These specifications ensure stability, handling, speed control and safety for e-scooter riders. They also reduce potential hazards to pedestrians and vehicles sharing the same space.

Rental Process

Operators and Mobile App Process

Dubai residents and visitors can easily rent e-scooters on-demand via apps from authorised operators like:

  • Tier
  • Lime
  • Arnab
  • Skurrt

After installing the app, you need to:

1. Sign-up with an account, email, phone, payment details

2. Find and reserve available e-scooters nearby

3. Unlock the e-scooter by scanning a QR code

4. Adjust the height, check condition

5. End ride and park responsibly once done

Costs typically start from AED 3 plus 50 fils per minute of use. Special rates may apply for longer rentals. Apps make payments quick and cashless.


E-scooters offer an exciting, eco-friendly way to traverse Dubai while relishing the outdoors. RTA guidelines ensure responsible riding integrates safely with existing transport infrastructure. Following some basic rules around licensing, safety gear, parking and speed allows residents and tourists to enjoy all the benefits these nimble vehicles provide. As adoption expands, e-scooters will meaningfully contribute to Dubai’s sustainability vision while adding a new dimension to the transportation landscape.

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