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The absolute best vegan restaurants in Dubai

In Dubai, plant-based dining establishments are becoming increasingly well-liked. All things considered, Dubai’s vegan restaurants are now highly regarded dining establishments that appeal to both locals and tourists.

The Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards recognise this category because they believe the city’s expanding demand will fuel the growth of the plant-based culinary trend.

Whether you’re looking for a fancy meal or a fast snack, there’s something for everyone. These are the best vegan restaurants in Dubai.

Time Out Dubai offers anonymous reviews and covers all of its dining costs. To find out more about the review process, see this link.

These are the best vegan restaurants in Dubai for 2024:


Folia, a wonderful plant-based lunch restaurant near Jumeirah Beach, is housed in the luxurious Four Seasons Dubai Resort. Since chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author Matthew Kenney is a well-known vegan, you can expect outstanding plant-based cuisine here. Our pick for Dubai’s best vegan restaurant is Folia, which means “from the leaves” in Latin. They cook a range of foods, such as pizzas, tacos, and mushroom sliders, and they serve them in a beautiful space encircled by lush vegetation. And don’t forget about the vegan delights.

Planet Terra

The cuisine served at this plant-based, 100% organic restaurant in The Greens is vegan only. One of the best vegan restaurants in Dubai, it’s popular due to its varied cuisine. Travelling the world, the group has drawn inspiration from their experiences. Planet Terra promotes a responsible lifestyle; no item on the menu is premade and there are no refined or artificial sweeteners. Try a wide range of vegan cuisine, including ceviche and empanadas, as well as shawarma, makhani, pad Thai, and souvlaki.

SEVA Table

SEVA Table is a gorgeous restaurant that is tucked away along Jumeirah Beach Road. It has long been considered one of Dubai’s best vegan restaurants. In a lush, green setting, it’s the ideal place to relax with your vegan friends while indulging in delicious plant-based cuisine and nut milk coffees. SEVA Table finds its foods locally and in season, ensuring that dishes are as clean as possible. Delicious food is offered at SEVA Table morning, noon, and night. There are tacos, avocado toast, burgers, breakfasts, and other foods, some of which have been fortified with probiotics. You can take part in yoga classes and wellness activities prior to eating.

Neat Burger

Neat Burger is a fantastic option for plant-based burgers and nuggs. Lewis Hamilton, the reigning Formula One champion, and Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio both patronise this restaurant, so you know the food is good. Neat Burger is situated in a stylish dining area overlooking the ice rink at the Dubai Mall. It serves flavorful plant-based patties, hot dogs, nuggets, and tater tots as vegan munchies. The expertly seasoned and flawlessly textured fake meat in the burgers and “chicken” nuggets will impress even carnivores.

Plantoholic Kitchen & Coffee Bar

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this adorable restaurant on the Palm’s Golden Mile offers a plant-based, healthful menu to try. Try the plantoholic pancakes, avocado scramble, and nutritious bowls in the morning. Are you craving lunch or dinner? Savour mouthwatering salads, mezze, tacos, burgers, nachos, curries, risotto, and pasta to fill you up. The dishes are imaginative, entertaining, and slightly unique. They also appear as beautiful as they taste thanks to their attractive plating and vivid colours.

PXB Life

PXB prioritises sustainability, health, and wellbeing in all that it does, and advocates for a plant-based lifestyle. PXB is multifaceted, housing a rooftop restaurant, cafĂ©, studio, wellness area, and studio at its Expo City location. Savour an all-day meal that includes buckwheat pancakes with date syrup, scrambled tofu and avocado, and protein-rich overnight oats. Main course options include burritos, healthy bowls, vegan burgers, and desserts like the well-known Floozie cookies. For small vegans, there’s also a sizable kids’ menu. PXB is one of Dubai’s greatest vegan eateries and is definitely worth a try.

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