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10 of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi

The UAE capital’s broadened gastronomic offering means that Abu Dhabi’s greatest restaurants are as different as they are unique. There are a number of great eateries in the capital that everyone should dine at least once, ranging from hotel-operated, Michelin-starred show-stoppers to independent eateries by the city’s finest chefs.

99 Sushi

This Japanese fine dining the system was created in Madrid’s culinary centre, but it made its mark in the UAE. 99 Sushi in Abu Dhabi seems like an upgraded izakaya, with red leathers and wooden ceilings and a gorgeous patio that takes use of the stunning waterfront surroundings. The menu is a casual, wonderfully balanced, lavish in all the right spots, enjoyable read. The crew behind this tasty Japanese meal is not afraid to try new things, experimenting with tastes and revelling in invention. As a result, delicious foods like uni (sea urchin) tempura maki, faux nigiri (Wagyu tartar on potato croquette), and the distinctive robata wagyu skewers have emerged.


The Mamsha Al Saadiyat promenade is surrounded with fine eating places that make it feel like an amazing length of the European Riviera, all looking out to the crystalline Saadiyat oceans. Antonia — an inexpensive licenced Roman restaurant with the main menu concept of pizza al taglio (pizzas ‘by the slice’) — sits attractively on one of the brightly lit porch areas. The lobby is pleasantly offers in red, white, and mint, with a similar dress code on the terrace. It’s all very simple, with the menu taking centre stage. This place is all about pizza, and it delivers in spades. The Italian-provenance sourdough the basis fermented for 72 hours is a work of art. It’s fluffy and light-colored, puffed out with pride in its rich earthy taste.


Fouquet’s is a renowned French company, and the restaurant placed inside Louvre Abu Dhabi has become the foundation on the city’s culinary scene since its debut. It is an ambassador for European cuisine, infusing great French flare into a variety of food that are so delicious that people return for them again and again. The venue is beautiful and polished, appropriate of its famous position, with regal red and white accents and sparkling lights that grab right away. There’s even an amazing outside terrace with largely sofa tables. The culinary mastermind chef Pierre Gagnaire, the gourmet brains behind the original Fouquet’s Paris, is in charge of the food, although corporate executive chef Balveer Balkisoon is in control of the day-to-day.


Hakkasan is a restaurant in the capital that has stood the test of time. Hakkasan is a stylish destination for traditional Cantonese cuisine with current effects. The furnishings blend contemporary styles and traditional Chinese motifs with dark wood screens, subtle lighting, and rich quality materials that create an opulent nonetheless intimate environment. There’s even an inviting patio that spans along the wing of Emirates Palace, adding to the opulence. Expect to nibble your way through shared parts including a colourful selection of dim sum, and also classics like Supreme Peking duck with caviar, charcoal grilled black fish, and whole lobster with wonton noodles, on the menu.

LPM Restaurant & Bar

At LPM Restaurant & Bar, prepare to be transported to the picturesque coastlines of the South of France. This popular cafe occupies a spot on the waterfront at the Galleria Al Maryah Island Mall in Abu Dhabi. While you enjoy the view of the lake and the city skyline from the terrace, surrounded by amazing bougainvillaea and olive trees, the interiors provide a light and airy environment replete with outstanding artworks and stylish shutters. Expect to eat some of the greatest delicacies of the French Riviera, such as a king crab dough topped with caviar, warm prawns with lemon and olive oil, and escargot with garlic butter, wherever you opt to dine.


Marmellata can seem to be a “plain Jane,” but it has a lot of heart, soul, and delicious pizzas that you won’t want to miss. The restaurant is located in Mina Zayed and was set up by father-son team Raj and Sebastian Dagstani. When you go into Marmellata, you are met with a sense of simplicity, vitality, and action: imagine royal blue aprons and napkins, white uniforms, and china. The restaurant has only eight tables inside and numerous more on the outdoor terrace. While it originally just sold single slices of pizza, operations quickly grew, and its menu today consists of five major pizzas (Dhs75 each) and a variety of focaccias.

Oak Room

Oak Room, a traditional English steakhouse with the sounds of British rock n roll, is the ideal venue for sampling the greatest beef from around the world while being surrounded by the warmth of oak-paneled surroundings. It’s a stylish restaurant that’s received many What’s On awards for its innovative decor, smooth service, and, of course, a cuisine that’s a cut above the rest. The premium steaks are the star of the show, with a selection of inexpensive cuts starting at Dhs250 and rising to Dhs1,000 for an A5 Wagyu striploin.


Otoro, located on a stretch of waterfront eateries, features a modern, stripped-down Izakaya ambiance.With the exception of a few neatly arranged plants, the interiors are bright and neutral, and the walls are virtually barren. We like how all of the tables and booths are thoughtfully arranged around the magnificent display kitchen, and those who want a front-row seat to the culinary action may even sit on counter stools. Fresh salads and sushi are as beautiful as the selection of specialty items, such as kushiyaki and the melt-in-your-mouth shabu shabu burger, which are reasonably priced.Chef Akmal Anuar’s near-flawless debut in Abu Dhabi is Otoro, with simple, fuss-free cuisine masterfully done in a way that allows the best-in-class ingredients to speak for themselves.


Talea, located in the capital’s unabashedly beautiful Emirates Palace and decked out in amazing interior design, puts a regal spin on upmarket Italian cuisine. The Michelin-starred Chef Antonio Guido created the idea, with a menu centred on “Cucina di Famiglia,” or family-style food. The restaurant has a fairy tale patio bound by the Palace’s majestic columns and affording lovely views across the Corniche’s dreamy blue sky. A sparkling assembly of more rare Italian gourmet pearls will be served alongside a top-tier choice of handcrafted pizzas and expert-curated handmade pasta alternatives. Great plates imbued with the raw passion and sophistication of Milanese and Puglian cuisine, with dishes like osso buco, a rich, slow-cooked delicate stew.


Zuma, masters of contemporary Japanese izakaya-style cuisine, have been drawing visitors in the capital since opening their doors on Al Maryah Island in 2014. This lively location is worth a visit not just for its unique and creative Japanese food, but also for its equally beautiful decor. The restaurant’s dark timber, leather furnishings, and stone features make it seem particularly excellent, which is reinforced by the great service, and the cuisine is the gem in the crown, offering up exquisite sushi and sashimi that’s clearly among the finest in the city.

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