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10 years of Zuma Abu Dhabi: What’s On the menu?

A Japanese lunch wouldn’t be complete without a bowl of miso to start. Enjoy a bowl of the fiery miso soup to tune your taste buds in and prepare them for an evening of unforgettable Japanese sensations.

Sushi and Maki platter

It’s possible to confuse this for the main course, but it won’t be as obvious as you may think. Zuma serves out a vibrant, flavorful platter of sushi and maki items, each roll proudly arranged and waiting to be eaten.

Grilled scallops, Japanese herbs sauce and fresh black truffle

Seafood is the way to go, and although truffle is a major ingredient in this dish, you won’t miss the grilled scallops that take centre stage on your plate or the sauce made with Japanese herbs.

Octopus tempura with fermented chilli sauce

The path is still seafood. After you’ve completed the scallops, go on to the octopus tempura. As we all know, seafood tastes great when it’s fried and combined with Japanese flavours and spices. You don’t think we’re real? Give it a go for yourself.

Salmon teriyaki and pickled cucumber

Attempt these multiple times before? Maybe nine times? Alright, let’s do it again because 10th time really does work. The Teriyaki cooking style has been around for a while, and because of its unique flavour and appearance, and also its simplicity, it is a staple on menus all over the world. The method is not limited to Japanese restaurants though.

Asparagus with wafu sauce and sesame

Eat this meal between hearty dishes of seafood and steak when you need a break. Even if your server has been helping you in clearing space for more, leave it on the table. In the midst of all the hefty Zuma pleasure you’re here for, this dish is light, low in calories, flavorful, and an enjoyable dose of vegetables.

Black angus ribeye, sansho pepper sauce and homemade pickles

This is the one for individuals looking for a great, thick cut. You can’t go wrong with the Sansho pepper sauce, and homemade pickles blend well with soy, citrus, and other flavours typical of real Japanese cuisine.

Wagyu tataki with ponzu

Fans of red meat won’t be let down. In Japanese cooking, hearty but well-portioned wagyu tataki slices are highly popular. When paired with tantalising ponzu, the flavour never fades.

Japanese sweetcorn with Shiso butter

Your eyes are sure to go to this limited-edition menu item if you’ve ever had true Japanese sweetcorn served with shiso butter in an izakaya setting. For those who have never tried this dish before, it is far smaller (or simpler) than what you might get at a fairground or BBQ. Similar to the asparagus, the Japanese spice and Shiso butter contribute to the dish’s appeal, but it’s only a small diversion from the action in a piled spread.

Deluxe Dessert Platter

This is the one moment you’ll regret filling up the way you did if you truly went all out on that amazing spread we just brought you through. The amazing deluxe dessert platter at Zuma Abu Dhabi honours their ten years of operation in the capital of the United Arab Emirates in every way possible. Place your order, treat your eyes, and then your stomach. Cheers to you, Abu Dhabi.

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