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14 Top Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Dubai for a Diet Transformation

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the time to prepare nutritious meals can be a challenge. That’s why healthy meal delivery services have become an increasingly popular option for UAE residents looking to improve their diets and achieve their health and fitness goals.

These convenient services deliver pre-made, nutritionist-designed meals tailored to your dietary needs straight to your doorstep. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or simply eat healthier, Dubai has a wide variety of healthy meal delivery options to choose from.

We will provide an overview of 14 of the top healthy meal delivery services available in Dubai. We’ll summarize what each service offers in terms of meal plans and pricing to help you find the right fit for your lifestyle and wellness objectives.

Overview of the 14 best healthy meal delivery services in Dubai and their diverse offerings catering to various dietary needs and goals

Dubai’s healthy meal delivery scene includes long-standing veterans in the space as well as relative newcomers. The services highlighted in this post represent the diversity of high-quality options available to UAE residents seeking convenient, nutritionist-designed meals.

Some meal delivery services featured specialize in certain types of diets – like low-carb, high protein, or plant-based. Others offer fully customizable meal plans. Most services provide calorie-controlled meals tailored to goals like weight loss, muscle gain, or maintenance.

Nearly all of the highlighted companies offer comprehensive meal plans consisting of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. A few focus specifically on individual meals like lunch and dinner. Pricing and plan flexibility also varies amongst the services.

In the sections below, we will explore 14 of Dubai’s top healthy meal delivery brands in further detail. We’ll summarize key info like sample dishes, pricing, delivery frequency, and customization options to give you a sense of the range of nutritious meal choices at your fingertips.

Top 14 Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Dubai


RightBite is one of the longest-standing meal delivery services in the UAE having served residents for over a decade. They offer customized meal plans designed by licensed dietitians with a choice of eight plans including options for weight loss, low carb, athletic performance, and more.

Sample dishes from RightBite include chicken pesto zoodles, Arabic lamb kofta with tabouli, and salmon poke bowl. Meal plan packages come in one-week and four-week options with calorie levels ranging from 1,200 to 2,000 per day. You can choose plans with anywhere from 5 to 7 days of meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack.

Pricing starts at AED 47 per day for a one-week, 5-day plan. RightBite delivers fresh meals daily with free next-day delivery.


PuraPura offers personalized healthy meal plans developed by nutrition experts to help clients achieve dietary goals. Their plans consist of 3 calorie-controlled meals per day without snacking. Most dietary preferences can be accommodated including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, keto, and more.

Sample PuraPura dishes include zaatar chicken with beetroot tabouli, Asian noodle salad with edamame, and apple cinnamon oats. You can choose 5 to 7 delivery days per week. PuraPura delivers fresh meals daily in eco-friendly packaging.

Prices start at AED 105 per day. You can purchase meal plans on a weekly basis or subscribe for 4 or 8 weeks to save up to 30%.

The Six Pack Revolution UAE

The Six Pack Revolution offers a 75-day fitness and meal transformation program. Clients are assigned a personal trainer and receive access to home workouts, mindset coaching, and a custom nutrition plan.

The meal plan consists of 6 balanced, high protein, fat-burning meals per day. Sample dishes include chicken fajita bowl, Cajun prawn salad, and banana protein pancakes. Plans can be customized to accommodate dietary restrictions.

Pricing starts at AED 840 for a 7-day plan. Six Pack Revolution’s 75-day plan costs AED 8,250 and includes daily meal delivery along with workout and mindset support.

Kcal Extra

One of Dubai’s original healthy meal delivery services, Kcal Extra offers customized plans tailored to goals like weight loss, muscle building, or maintenance. With over 800 dishes to choose from, clients can work with a personal account manager to build a personalized plan.

Sample Kcal Extra meals include chicken tikka masala with cauliflower rice, seared salmon on a bed of quinoa, and protein berry smoothie. Plans provide 5 or 6 balanced meals per day including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Pricing ranges from AED 118 to 153 per day depending on meal frequency and plan customization. Kcal Extra delivers fresh, chef-prepared meals across Dubai daily.

Gourmet Fuel

Gourmet Fuel provides personalized meal plans tailored to your nutritional needs and preferences. Their registered dietitians and nutritionists design specialized plans to help clients lose fat, build muscle, or maintain their current weight.

Sample dishes include Moroccan chicken with pearl couscous, Asian beef stir fry, and spinach feta wrap. You can choose between 2 to 5 meals per day. All ingredients and meals are freshly prepared without freezing.

Prices start at AED 99 per day for 2 meals. Gourmet Fuel offers weekly and monthly subscriptions with discounts for longer commitments. They deliver meals daily across Dubai.

Health Factory

Health Factory creates individualized meal plans designed by nutritionists to achieve health goals. Their customized plans offer balanced macros and calories tailored to your lifestyle and activity level.

Sample Health Factory meals include salmon and quinoa bowl, chicken shawarma with brown rice, and oatmeal protein pancakes. You can choose the number of meals, delivery days, dietary preferences, and more to create your plan.

Prices start at AED 75 per day for 3 meals. Subscriptions over 4 weeks receive tiered discounts up to 12%. Health Factory provides free next-day delivery in Dubai.

Hello Chef

Hello Chef offers chef-designed meal plans focused on using quality, wholesome ingredients to fuel your day. Their nutrition team can create customized plans for weight loss, athletic performance, managing health conditions, and more.

Sample meals from Hello Chef include Arabic chicken machboos, quinoa stuffed peppers, and protein banana bread. Their rotating weekly menu features diverse international cuisines. Meal plans can be tailored to preferences.

Prices start at AED 105 per day for 3 meals. Hello Chef provides free next-day delivery on orders over AED 100 and delivers all over Dubai.

Eat Clean ME

Eat Clean ME creates personalized healthy meal plans designed by nutrition experts to help you lose weight, gain muscle, or support specific health goals. Each meal is calorie and macro counted to optimize nutrition.

Sample dishes include chicken tikka salad, Asian salmon poke bowl, and coconut chia pudding. You can fully customize your plan’s meals, delivery days, dietary preferences, and more. They offer weekly and monthly subscriptions.

Prices start at AED 105 per day for 3 meals. Eat Clean ME provides free delivery in Dubai for orders over AED 300. Smaller orders have a AED 35 delivery fee.

Detox Delight

Detox Delight creates tailored detox and cleanse programs to help clients lose weight, reset their health, and feel re-energized. Their nutritionists design personalized plans with nourishing whole food meals and natural supplements.

Sample Detox Delight meals include quinoa breakfast bowls, kale and apple salads, vegetable lentil soup, and more. Their holistic plans also include liver detox drinks, probiotics, alkaline supplements, and herbal teas.

Prices start at AED 155 per day for a 5-day cleanse. Detox Delight offers weekly delivery across Dubai with same-day delivery available.

Love Food

Love Food provides a range of healthy, dietitian-designed meal plans tailored to help clients lose weight, lower cholesterol, manage diabetes, and more. Their plans offer calorie-controlled, macro-balanced meals using fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Sample Love Food dishes include chicken fajita salad, paneer tikka masala with cauliflower rice, and apple cinnamon oats. You can fully customize your weekly meal plan.

Prices start at AED 105 for 3 meals per day. Love Food offers free delivery in Dubai and Sharjah for orders over AED 150. Smaller orders have a AED 25 fee.

Slim’n Lite

Slim’n Lite creates personalized meal plans focused on healthy weight loss. Their plans provide nutritionally balanced, calorie-controlled meals designed by specialists to promote safe, sustainable fat loss.

Sample Slim’n Lite meals include chicken and veggie yellow curry, paneer makhani with brown rice, and mixed berry smoothie bowl. You can customize cuisine preferences and delivery days.

Prices start at AED 105 per day for 3 meals. Slim’n Lite offers weekly plans with discounts for longer subscriptions. Delivery is free for orders over AED 200.

Fuel-Up by Kcal

Fuel-Up by Kcal provides chef-prepared meals tailored to help you build lean muscle and meet fitness goals. Their high protein meal plans offer precise macro ratios to support performance and recovery.

Sample Fuel-Up dishes include massaman chicken curry with veggies, Cajun salmon on quinoa, and chocolate peanut butter protein shake. You can customize your weekly plan.

Prices start at AED 165 per day for 4 meals. Fuel-Up offers free delivery across Dubai for orders over AED 150. Smaller orders have a AED 35 delivery fee.

The Vegan Kitchen

The Vegan Kitchen offers personalized plant-based meal plans designed by nutritionists to promote healthy weight loss or maintenance. With over 200 menu items, they can accommodate any dietary needs.

Sample Vegan Kitchen meals include tofu tikka masala, vegetable biryani, lentil soup, and more. Plans can be customized by calories, delivery days, allergens, and cooking preferences.

Prices start at AED 140 per day for 3 meals. The Vegan Kitchen provides contactless delivery across Dubai and offers weekly and monthly subscriptions.

Green Chef

Green Chef provides chef-crafted vegan and vegetarian meal plans focused on using organic, locally-sourced ingredients. Their plans are designed by nutritionists to promote healthy, sustainable eating.

Sample Green Chef meals include cauliflower chickpea curry, quinoa stuffed peppers, and chia pudding with berries. You can choose from a variety of ever-changing weekly menus tailored to dietary preferences.

Prices start at AED 159 for 3 recipes/2 servings. Green Chef offers contactless delivery across the UAE. Weekly and monthly subscriptions are available.


Trying to eat healthy while keeping up with Dubai’s fast pace can be challenging. The 14 meal delivery services highlighted above represent the diversity of nutritious, dietitian-curated meal options now available across the emirate. From vegan plans to keto and macro-based fitness programs, Dubai residents have access to an array of companies that eliminate meal planning guesswork and deliver chef-prepared, nutritionist-approved dishes to your door.

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