10 things you didn’t know about flying with Emirates

It’s probable you have at least a single time experienced flying with Emirates.

With its cool ice entertainment system that plays the newest films and its comfortable seats that are usually available in four configurations (First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy), the award-winning airline has a lot going for it.

Flying with Emirates has a number of benefits, from roomy seats to swanky extras you can’t resist.

Here are a few interesting but little-known facts about the Dubai carrier.

1. You can get vegan meals on your flights

With more than 300 vegan cuisine that are cycled among 140 locations, Emirates provides delicious vegan meals. A few examples are tomato concasse, carrot, peppers, and mushrooms filled for chickpea crepes. You are able to try vegan desserts like delicious banana cake with chocolate and coconut mousse with mango compote.

2. You breathe really, really clean air

When you are flying, you don’t have to worry about the air quality. Through incredibly fine HEPA filters, which eliminate 99.997 percent of all sand, bacteria, viruses, and fungi, fresh air is continuously supplied to recycled air.

3. You can meditate on a flight

In addition to the newest films, the carrier’s award-winning Ice entertainment system features wellness substance like playlists of relaxing music and guided meditations.

4. You can pick from a well-curated grape list

Emirates will invest a significant amount (Dhs186 million) on its grape and sparkling products in 2022. Every two weeks, the nutritious selection—which varies according on the cabin class—is revised, giving travelers always something fresh to taste.

5. You can pre-order your meals when flying with Emirates

By using the Business Class pre-ordering option, you can guarantee that the meal is prepared freshly for you and that less food will be wasted. Business Class customers can use this option to choose their primary course up to 24 hours before their aircraft departs.

6. You get free, comfy lounge wear

If your flight is longer than nine hours and you are traveling in business class, you will be given a comfortable change of clothes. Cozy slippers, a matching eye mask, a cowl neck blouse, and drawstring leggings complete the loungewear ensemble. You will receive complimentary slippers and eye mask sets if your flight is longer than two hours and thirty minutes.

7. You can charter a flight

Do you want to book a private, short-haul flight? With Emirates, you can. Last year saw the introduction of the on-demand regional charter jet service. Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai will be the departure point for these flights (DWC). During the brief flights, customers are provided with small snacks and refreshments, and the aircraft can accommodate up to four people.

8. Your Emirates pass opens the doors to many deals

More than merely guiding you to your seat is what your boarding pass accomplishes. It is your pass to all of Dubai’s advantages. Keep your pass close to hand if you are traveling to Dubai before March 31. To receive discounted entry to participating restaurants, luxury spas, high-end shopping, private pools, and beaches, all you need to do is show your pass along with a photo ID. The Spa InterContinental in Dubai Festival City and Saray Spa in Business Bay are two locations that accept the pass.

9. You can get special Emirates luggage

including the extras that come with Emirates First Class, including the pajamas and travel accessories? Have you always desired a bag or backpack bearing the official Emirates logo? The official Emirates store is now selling these. Everything from socks to backpacks is yours to possess.

10. You get essential kits

When you travel with Emirates, expect plush kits. You will receive colored pouches made of washable kraft paper if you are traveling in Economy or Premium Economy. Essentials like an eye mask, socks, toothpaste, and a straw-and-plastic toothbrush are included. Even more opulent amenities are available if you are traveling in business class.

Men’s amenity kits have an orange and black style, while women’s kits are silver with lilac accents. Several Bulgari goods are included in each kit, such as a foldable hairbrush, tissues, deodorant, body and face emulsions, and a miniature bottle of BVLGARI perfume. See our post on the First and Business Class amenity kits for a detailed look at the goods included in the collectible bags.

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