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7 of the best bakeries to curb your craving for cookies in Dubai

We’re talking lusciously rich, incredibly decadent, and completely excessive. Cookies are a really healthful snack, and more and more establishments in Dubai are opening up, giving us the ideal excuse to satisfy our cookie cravings. We provide both traditional chocolate chips and deliciously flavorful discs, so you can’t go wrong.


The newest outlet of cookies in Dubai. London-born Crumb has swiftly become a social media sensation, and for good cause. We suggest the miso and white chocolate cookie, but be sure to sample their soft serve Horlicks and banana toast latte before you leave.

Billionaire Cookies

Although they don’t really have a shop, this is definitely the one place you should get cookies if you want them delivered. You’ll never run out of alternatives because new tastes are released every week.

Just a bite

Just a Bite is a handcrafted and locally owned idea that is frequently spotted at adorable markets throughout the city. It is another store in Dubai that delivers cookies all over the city.

Crumb & Co.

Located in Motor City’s Neighbourhood Food Hall, Crumb and Co. is known for its amazing baked products, which include croissants, doughnuts, tarts, and more. But their delicious cookies are really where it’s at.


These cookies are wonderful and delicious, created fresh to order in Dubai, and represent yet another locally developed and handmade innovation. But make sure you place your order using their WhatsApp number.

Cookie Conspiracy

Unmatched tastes in small batches. Introducing the newest local cookie brand to hit Dubai, Cookie Conspiracy offers tastes that are truly extraordinary. Your cookies can be ordered online and delivered right to your door.

Rise bakehouse

Rise Bakehouse is your one-stop shop for all things sweet, including cakes, brownies, and more, but their mouthwatering cookies are what really make them stand out. We can’t stop dreaming about their baked goodness—we’re still dreaming about their salty and delectable chocolate chip cookies.

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