A complete guide to Dubai Land Department (DLD)

With every new year, Dubai’s real estate market grows at a rapid pace. This success may be due in part to the emirate’s ease of doing business and total transparency in real estate transactions. One of the city’s largest government bodies, the Dubai Land Department (DLD), keeps track of the real estate market and all property transactions. Let’s get to know DLD and its customer service.

What is Dubai Land Department (DLD)?

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) is a government-run company in Dubai that controls all real estate trade operations in the city and offers customers a highly integrated, transparent, and secure experience.

DLD was established to speed up the emirate’s real estate business across the world. It authorises land sales and purchases, improves investment activities, and handles disputes. Whether you’re looking for a villa in Dubai or rent an apartment, the DLD protects the interests of landlords, tenants, and investors.

Regulatory Arms of Dubai Land Department

The Dubai Land Department, in partnership with its principal regulatory arm, RERA, implements effective real estate market efforts in Dubai.

Real Estate Regulatory Agency

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) supervises real estate tasks, resolves disputes, and offers a legal framework for everyone involved in Dubai’s property investment industry. This body looks after the best interests of all parties in the Dubai real estate business. This helpful RERA handbook outlines all of it’s operations and services.

Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Center

This facility strives to link clients with key players in the real estate sector and encourage secure and long-term investments. This branch of the Dubai Land Department helps both domestic and foreign investors. It seeks to maintain a stable and safe environment while helping in the transition to a green economy in order to meet the government’s stated sustainability goals.

Rental Dispute Settlement Center

The Rental Dispute Settlement Centre is the judicial arm of the Dubai Land Department that employs different processes to handle real estate concerns and matters. The software offers more precision and fairness, allowing tenants renting Dubai apartments or villas to resolve issues and carry out operations in a beneficial manner.

The following services have been included in the list.

  • Payment Request
  • Lawsuit for Writ of Certiorari
  • Order on Petition
  • Deposit and Offer
  • Writ of Payment Grievance
  • Grievance
  • First Instance Lawsuit (Ownership of Jointly Owned Real Estate)
  • First-Time Lawsuit
  • Execution Action (Ownership of Jointly Owned Real Estate)
  • Execution Is Underway
  • Conflict Resolution (Amicable Settlement) Lawsuit
  • Appeal

If you are experiencing issues, here is how you can file a rental increase protest with RERA.

Innovation Experts Real Estate Institute

The Creative Experts Real Estate College, as the name indicates, disseminates information about the real estate market in Dubai with a variety of courses. It also helps agents with getting licences to work in the UAE real estate market.

The courses provided here are aimed to educate best worldwide practises as well as the most recent industry insights. Students learn about the cutting-edge methods and equipment used to produce the best outcomes.

If you’re interested in pursuing this career, here’s a helpful guide on how to become a real estate agent in Dubai.

Key Services Offered by the Department of Land and Property in Dubai 

Dubai Land Authority uses efficient methods to suit the needs of developers, owners, investors, and renters who want to legally own property in Dubai.

Display of Real Estate Transaction Reports

DLD distributes information on property sales and loans on a regular basis, including property description, area sold/mortgaged, and the value of the property.

Ownership Certificate Validation

You can also confirm your Dubai Land Department Ownership Certificate by submitting your credentials with the details on the location and property type.

Real Estate Management Supervision

DLD oversees and confirms contracts for property cleaning, security, and maintenance signed by Management companies. It carries out the Director General’s orders.

Inquiry and Complaint

DLD also allows developers, owners, investors, and stakeholders to ask about any property-related issue and enter a complaint if there is a breach of trust.

Property Status Inquiry

DLD allows you to ask on the status of your property online. To start an inquiry, define the kind of property, plot number, and area number. If you bought an off-plan property in Dubai and want to monitor its growth, DLD can help.

General Complaint

You can submit a complaint with the Dubai Land Department against anyone who breaches your confidence in the real estate sector. Enter your information, select a complaint category, explain the occurrence, and submit your complaint.

Request for Statistical Report

You may obtain real estate market data and statistics to help you make an informed decision.

Land Status Update

This service brings consumers up to date on the current situation with the property. Enter the land or area number to ask about the status.


One of the DLD’s main objectives is to educate its clients on key reforms and real estate policies in Dubai. Many steps are required to share information.

Real Estate Courses

DREI, or the Dubai Real Estate Institute, is DLD’s educational arm. You can enrol in several real estate courses in English and Arabic to get hands-on experience with the city’s putting industry. To register, you must provide your passport, ID card, citizenship permission (if you are not a UAE native), commercial licence, and main approval from the Economic Department.

Broker Membership Registration

DLD provides real estate workers in Dubai with the chance to apply for the Broker Membership programme in the Middle East. This educational programme, provided by Innovation Experts Real Estate Institute, enables you to operate as a broker.

DLD Online Portals and Applications

DLD provides Dubai citizens with a selection of smart applications that they can use from anywhere.

Smart Investment Map (SIM)

The Investment Map Portal, launched by DLD’s investment the branch, Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Centre, allows all investors to search for potential investments online. It is suitable with both Android and iOS.

Mollak System

Mollak is a web-based payment system that manages all transactions involving the sale and purchase of jointly-owned properties in Dubai. Here’s a guide to the Mollak system which describes the services available.


Dubai Real Estate Market (eMart) is an online real estate system in Dubai that shows property for sale and auction. Interested parties select the properties up for auction and place their bid. Sellers  complete involves online with noqodi when auction is concluded.


REST is a software that conducts several parties’ real estate trade and transactions. REST was created as part of DLD’s commitment to Dubai’s trailblazing, futuristic responsibility ‘Dubai 10X.’ It reduces brokerage operations and assists users in evaluating transactions.

Using REST’s rental and sale indices, investors can readily estimate the desirability of areas. Whether you are renting an apartment or a villa in Dubai, DLD REST can help you manage the attestation of your Ejari (tenancy contracts). In addition, real-time information about off-plan properties, property transactions, and other services are available.

Oqood System

To improve willingness between developers and buyers in off-plan investment developments, the DLD created the Oqood system. It is an online system with Arabic and English interfaces for managing off-plan property projects and recording first sales contracts.

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