A guide to Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

One of the nation’s biggest free-trade areas is the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, or DMCC. It was founded in 2002 and has become a major trade hub for commodities from a variety of industries, including steel, energy products, precious metals, diamonds, and farming items. Furthermore, the DMCC’s status is a major actor in Dubai’s economic scene was further cemented in 2020 when the Investment Corporation of Dubai took its function at the organization’s parent firm.

All About Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

When the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) first opened its doors in 2002, it had only one objective in mind: to make Dubai the centre of the world’s commodity trade and commerce. This idea is now a reality. DMCC is a major force in Dubai’s economy today. As a matter of fact, 11% of all foreign direct investment in the emirate comes from it.

However, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre provides more than simply commercial prospects. It’s also a flourishing and lively community. DMCC includes top-notch projects including Uptown Dubai and Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Over 100,000 individuals, including professionals, locals, and tourists, can find the ideal setting in these vibrant hotspots.

DMCC has maintained its position as a top location for businesses to interact and grow by winning the title of world’s best free zone for an amazing nine years running.

The following are some details regarding the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, or DMCC:

  • Every year, the DMCC Tea Centre handles 400 million tea bags and 33.9 million kilogrammes of tea.
  • 11,500 metric tonnes of green coffee are processed annually at the DMCC Coffee Centre.

Lifestyle and Community

Beyond business, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre offers more. They offer a lively neighbourhood with residential sections, dining options, and recreational amenities, luring professionals to reside and work there.

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

Dubai’s Jumeirah Lake Towers is a sizable construction. Built around man-made lakes and parkland, the neighbourhood is mixed-use and features residential buildings, offices, retail stores, and hotels. JLT provides quick access to many areas of Dubai because it is close to important highways.

Each of the 26 lettered clusters (A–Z) that make up the region has three high-rise structures that contain residences, businesses, and retail space. Apartments for rent in JLT are conveniently located near a variety of restaurants and bars, supermarkets, lodging facilities, and other retail establishments, even if the area isn’t a popular tourist attraction.

Uptown Dubai

Strategically situated in the centre of the new Dubai, Uptown Dubai is a visionary mixed-use development that is a jewel in the crown of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC). This savvy neighbourhood will have two prominent supertalls, Uptown Tower, fashioned like a diamond, and seven mid-rise skyscrapers.

A vibrant blend of components can be found in Uptown Dubai, including opulent lodging at the 5-star SO/ Uptown Dubai Hotel, chic SO/ Uptown Dubai Residences, well-thought-out living spaces, and high-end office spaces for top international corporations.

The Plaza, a 21,000 square metre area at the middle of the complex, is intended to serve as a bustling hub for food, entertainment, art and culture. A variety of retail establishments, eateries and cafes (including both indoor and outdoor seating), art displays, natural settings, interactive elements, and peaceful spots for unwinding and mingling will all be available.

Uptown JLT Dubai’s advantageous location puts locals and tourists close to well-known locations including Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Lake Towers, and the Emirates Golf Club.

DMCC’S Business Setup and Support Services

The DMCC Business Centre makes setting up your company in Dubai easier. This covers the licencing, registration, and company formation procedures. In addition, you’ll profit from a free zone’s 100% foreign ownership and 0% corporate tax.

To ensure a smooth transfer, they also help businesses secure work permits and visas for their personnel.

DMCC assists you in the following areas:

  • launching a new company
  • establishing a branch
  • Moving a business
  • establishing a home office
  • Depending on your company’s size, the DMCC Business Centre offers a variety of business setup options to guarantee the success of your business strategy. Not to add, there are advantages and benefits specific to DMCC membership.

To put it briefly, picture a global network of more than 24,000 companies in one location. That is the DMCC’s power. DMCC is more than just a commercial hub—with more than 180 nations and 900 activities represented—it is also a byword for limitless chances.

DMCC: Leading Commodities Trading HUB

Access to first-rate trade infrastructure, such as storage facilities, logistics assistance, and commodity exchanges, is made possible by DMCC business centres.
They serve sectors that have their own ecosystems for gold, diamonds, energy, technology, etc.

Businesses can now connect with partners and skills that are relevant to them. Additionally, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre free zone facilitates global networking with prospective partners and clients.

The industries that DMCC assists in are listed below:






diamonds produced in laboratories

coloured stones




Playing games



Online shopping


Banking operations

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