A month-by-month guide to the average Dubai temperatures

How hot does summers get in Dubai? Is the winter season cold? Is snowfall an option? (Warning of spoiler alert: it doesn’t.) All of these issues and much more are addressed in our guide to the year-round temperature in Dubai.

Monthly Average Dubai Temperatures

Dubai has a subtropical desert climate, meaning that its summers get very hot due to high temperatures and high humidity, and its winters are warm to comfortable. The summer breezes come directly off of the sea and carry water from the Arabian Gulf

In Dubai, the sky tends to be clear and the sun shines brightly through the year. From December to March, cloud banks may move through, occasionally bringing rain. The UAE’s cloud seeding efforts get underway during these months.

These are a few documents for you: In Dubai, the highest temperature ever measured was 55°C, while the lowest was 2°C!

Spring in Dubai

As soon has winter ends, residents of Dubai should expect a gradual increase in temperature. Rainfall is rare, however it might occur from March to May. The expected range of temperatures is 27°C to 37°C.

Storms of dust and sand can occasionally be produced in the early spring by gusts of wind.

Summer in Dubai

The summer months in Dubai are not for you if you’re not used to being outside in the sun. Dubai’s temperatures in the summer can easily exceed 40°C to 45°C, with humidity spiking at around 90%. Most people are in air-conditioned rooms during this time.

Since this area doesn’t receive a lot of rain, the temperature is nearly always consistent. Even if it gets cold at night, the temperature averages 30°C, and the humidity is still significant. In Dubai, August is usually the warmest month of the year. However, it should be mentioned that there are still wonderful things to do in Dubai throughout the summer, even with the skyrocketing temperatures.

One of the world’s most comfortable places to swim in the summer is the Arabian Gulf, where the water can reach temperatures as high as thirty degrees Celsius.

Autumn in Dubai

Autumn officially begins on October 1st when the temperature starts to decrease. Following the intense summer heat, this season is perfect if you’re thinking of taking a beach vacation in Dubai. The average temperature between October and November will be between 31°C and 38°C.

Winter in Dubai

December through February are Dubai’s winter months, when average temperatures hover around 23°C. In Dubai during the winter, this is the perfect moment to go out and have fun. The temperature drops even further at night, perhaps to levels as low at 12°C.

In Dubai, rain usually falls during the winter months. In Dubai, February is thought to be the month with the greatest amount The average amount of rainfall in a year is merely five days. That is still edging up ever so slightly each year.

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