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Dining al desko? Healthy meals and snacks to order to the office in Dubai

After the wonderful holidays of December, you may be trying to stay healthy this month. Where better to begin than by venturing out from your standard take-out suspects? Out with the fat and in with the healthy.

Here are ten delicious healthy lunch choices to choose from in Dubai.

Right Bite

It began as a healthy meal plan service, but you can now order individual meals erect from Right Bite or through your favourite food delivery app. They feature a variety of healthy options that include salads to breakfast dishes and even healthy snacks like rocky road or paleo salted cookies prepared with healthy alternatives.


This meal delivery service’s slogan is “great taste with no guilt.” They provide smoothies, pastries, and even acai bowls. Their meal is delicious, and you won’t feel awful about purchasing takeaway – it’s guilt-free.


If you’re searching for a lunch to take to work that’s completely adaptable yet won’t make you rethink your good eating habits, this is the one. Freshii allows you to create burritos, salads, bowls, and soups, so whatever you’re wanting may be found on this menu. If you’d prefer order a meal without having to worry about all the different toppings, their a la carte menu is also outstanding.

Wild and The Moon

Wild and the Moon is a vegan restaurant. Where better to explore in the vegan world than at a restaurant that doesn’t skimp on flavour? Wild & The Moon focuses on cuisine that is good for you and the earth, with a menu that includes great pizzas and burgers with handmade patties. There is no plastic, and all of their food is plant-based, made by hand, gluten-free, and got locally.

Koala Picks

If you’re anything like Team What’s On, you probably love chomping while working. Koala Picks has found an ideal way to munch throughout the day without feeling guilty about eating. While the concept was originally designed for children to enjoy nutritious snacks and to educate parents on the benefits of a balanced diet, Koala Picks is now offering some wonderful snacks for adults as well. They aren’t really a delivery service, but this is a terrific guilt-free snack.

Little Erth

Little Erth, a homegrown plant-based diner created by Naz and G to help improve people’s attitudes and experiences with food, challenges the myth that healthy food is bland and uninteresting. Their food is vibrant and vivid, and it is brimming with flavour. Every dish has been made from scratch and with affection.

Soup and Soul

Soup is connected with healthy eating and feeling well, and few do it better than Soup and Soul. Soup & Soul guarantees that if you’re going to undergo a liquid diet, it’ll be good by using ingredients that are sourced locally and eco-friendly packaging.


KCal, another local business that focuses on healthy food that tastes delicious, not only offers results-driven meal plans but also dishes that can be delivered. KCal provides a broad choice of healthier options such as zoodles and a pasta-free lasagna, in along with delicious soups, burgers, and even healthy sweet potato brownies (believe us, they’re fantastic).

500 Calorie Project

Serving salads that are all under 500 calories, this is the perfect spot to begin your health journey. Their salads are light, delicious, and inexpensive. You may choose from an array of cold and warm salads, keto bowls, and even delectable smoothies.

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