Cashless commute! A guide to the Sayer card in Sharjah

For people to get around in cities and towns, public transportation—such are buses, trains, and taxis—is important. Actually, compared to driving, it may be a more economical and environmentally responsible choice. Transport cards are used in several places to improve the speed and convenience of public transportation. A prime example is the Sayer card in Sharjah. With just a tap, riders may pay for their fares using this contactless, reloadable smart card.

This article will teach you more about all of the Sayer cards, including how to register, use, and reload them and also where to purchase them.

Travel Smart with a Sayer Card!

The Sharjah public transportation system is run by the Sharjah Road and Transport Authority (SRTA). The SRTA launched the Sayer card to improve bus travel for locals quicker and simpler. Carrying cash is no longer necessary thanks to this efficient method. When boarding a bus, you can pay for your fare by tapping your Sayer card on the reader.

Different Types of Sayer Cards in Sharjah

Sayer cards are available in three different forms in Sharjah:

The Blue Card

The Blue or Sayer discount card is a reloadable way to pay for bus rides in Sharjah. This card can be bought for AED 50, AED 95, or AED 185 and has a five-year validity. The blue card has a one-time cost of AED 5, which comprises as well the 5% VAT. Your first top-up amount is deducted from this amount.

Sayer cards were originally only AED 8, yet with the usage of the blue card, you can now get them for only AED 6.

Grey Card

For regular Sharjah bus users, the grey card, also known as the Sayer subscription card, is revolutionary. For a monthly subscription fee of AED 225, you can take unlimited bus rides for a period of 30 days. With VAT included, the card only costs AED 5 and has a 5-year validity. To continue riding, just don’t forget to renew your monthly subscription!

White Card

For Sharjah residents who are receiving social assistance or have impairments, the white card is a free transit pass. It entitles them to free public transport for a year.

Nevertheless, there is an annual renewal cost of AED 25 for the card. If the card gets lost or destroyed, you can get a new one for the same price.

How to Register your Sharjah Sayer Card

You must purchase the card from a Mowasalat bus driver, the Jubail bus terminal, Sayer card vending machines, or other retail locations before starting the Sayer card registration process.

To successfully register after you get the card, follow these instructions.

Go to the registration page for Mowasalat.

  • Put the number that appears on your Sayer card here.
  • Snap a picture of the card and upload it to the necessary box.
  • Provide the cardholder’s name, gender, date of birth, and residential address.
  • Address and phone number
  • Choose the Emirate
  • Enter the passport or Emirates ID number and attach a copy of it.
  • Choose your country of origin.
  • Put the date of registration here.
  • Enter a password to finish the registration process.

If an unregistered Sayer card is misplaced or destroyed, it cannot be replaced. You must therefore register your card with Mowasalat. You can stop using a registered card going forward and switch the balance to a new card.

How to Recharge your Sharjah Sayer Card

Sayer card top-ups are only available in-person. You will need to get on a Mowasalat bus or visit a bus station in order to reload your card.

You can refill your card in this way:

(i) Take a Mowasalat bus at any station.

(ii) Inform the driver that you want to top off your Sayer card with more funds.

(iii) Tell the driver how much you would want to add.

(iv) Give your card and the cash to the driver.

(v) When it’s finished, the driver will give your card and a receipt back. This receipt will show the amount you recently added to your card with the previous balance.

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