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Complete guide to teaching jobs in the UAE

Assume you are a teacher wishing to experience the nice lifestyle of the UAE. In such case, you have several alternates for pursuing a teaching career in the nation. Our book explains the best ways to gain teaching work in Dubai and other emirates, from language organisations to private and public education.

Qualifications for Teaching Jobs in Dubai and the UAE

Every emirate in the UAE offers a broad range of educational possibilities, each with its own set of criteria for teaching professionals. To acquire a position at the finest schools with excellent benefits and wages, teachers will need a Master’s degree in a comparable area, a teaching certification, and at least three years of experience. Mid-tier schools attract teachers with Bachelor’s degrees and varying levels of experience.

Top schools in the UAE often adhere to American or British programmes. The greatest American schools in the UAE often recruit persons with teaching certifications from American or Canadian educational institutions.

Similarly, schools that use the British curriculum will prefer to hire teachers who have British qualifications (think CELTA rather than TOEFL if you’re seeking for ESL work in Dubai at a British school).

Mandatory Documents

When seeking for teaching positions in the UAE, you will require the following documents:

  • A criminal background checks.
  • An verified medical fitness evaluation from the United Arab Emirates.
  • Genuine educational credentials.
  • If you graduated from a university outside the UAE, your degree must be confirmed by both the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the country’s embassy in the UAE.

Licence Needed for Teaching Jobs in the UAE

The obligatory licence consists of the UAE Ministry of Education’s “Education Professional licence.” It is now part of the necessary credentials for teaching in the UAE. To earn your licence, you must pass tests prepared for each category. Register for the test on the official site of the Education Department.

Types of Teaching Jobs in Dubai and Other Cities in the UAE

Teaching jobs in the UAE are as varied as they are abundant. Popular teaching careers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other emirates include ESL jobs, private tuition, and international exam preparation. Because the majority of students in Dubai speak English effectively, there are extra chances to teach English in subjects such as maths, science, art, and technology.

Public Schools

The public education education, like everything else in the UAE, has grown rapidly in recent decades. In Dubai, for example, all people may now attend public schools. Emirati students are free to enrol, while non-nationals must pay an annual fee. In Abu Dhabi and adjacent emirates, public schools provide excellent teaching opportunities.

Private Schools

Numerous private schools in the UAE cater to the country’s larger affluent population. Because English is the major medium of instruction in most private schools, there are possibilities for foreign teachers, whether in ESL courses or classrooms. To find the most recent teaching positions in the UAE, go to the official websites of prominent organisations.

Private Families

Many families in the UAE seek private educators for their children. Most jobs are filled through recruiting businesses, so pick wisely.

Language Schools

Adult expats who require English for every day business communication are taught in a variety of language schools around the UAE. Language structures provide some of the best ESL a job in Dubai and the other emirates.

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