How to get an International Driving Licence in Dubai

Are you planning a trip abroad? When you can discover new locations on your own terms and drive about, travelling abroad becomes more enjoyable. Before you start your travel, be sure you have an International Driving Licence (IDL). An international driving licence is a vital document that allows you to legally drive in many countries across the world. You could also prevent the headache of saving taxis to get about the city.

What is an International Driving License?

An international driving licence is a document that converts the information on your regular driving licence into other languages. This piece of paper allows you to lawfully drive in a variety of international states. It is accepted in over 150 countries and complements your original licence. This paper simplifies the process of car leasing procedure and allows you to visit different places at your own leisure.

Why do you need an International Driving License?

Your UAE driving licence allows you to drive all over the nation. To legally drive inside any foreign country, you have to get a global driving licence. The IDP is a legal requirement based on the United Nations Convention that allows UAE citizens to drive in foreign nations without the need for extra testing or applications. It acts as proof of a valid driving licence in the individual’s home country. Obtaining an IDP provides a safe and legal driving experience while travelling outside the country. In a foreign country, it also acts as a regulated form of identification.

There are several advantages to having an international driving licence. It mostly allows you to rent and operate automobiles when travelling overseas. It is used as a second identity document in other nations. The licence may be printed in 10 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Scandinavian, and Portuguese, removing linguistic hurdles for law enforcement groups.

Who can apply for an International Driving License in Dubai?

Individuals with a valid driving licence granted in Dubai, such as nationals and residents, are able to apply for the international driving licence.

Where to apply for an International Driving License in Dubai?

Individuals with a valid driving licence granted in Dubai, such as nationals and residents, are able to apply for the international driving licence.

Where to apply for an International Driving License in Dubai?

There are several organisations in Dubai that can help you with the application process for an international driving licence. You can access the following channels during the process:

  • ATCUAE (Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE)
  • Offices of the RTA
  • Post Offices in the United Arab Emirates
  • Dnata Sheikh Zayed Road Office
  • ATCUAE affiliate members
  • UAE Ministry of Interior App

How to apply for an International Driving License in Dubai?

If you hold a valid driving licence, the requirements of getting an international driving licence in Dubai are simple. These are the procedures you must take to obtain an international driving permit in Dubai.

  • Go to your favourite online gateway. IDL applications are submitted online using the ATCUAE website, the RTA’s online portal, and the MOI UAE app.
  • Complete the IDL request form with correct and relevant information.
  • Please provide any pertinent files in PDF or JPG format. The file should be smaller than 2MB in size.
  • Make the necessary payments.
  • Please submit your application.

Online processing can take up to two working days. The original copy of your licence can be gotten from Customer Happiness offices or courier providers. If you pick a courier firm as your delivery option, you will be charged an extra price.

The manual application is faster than the online application. Take all the required paperwork and go to the specified office. Once there, you may submit the paperwork, pay the costs, and collect up the original licence copy in less than 60 minutes.

What are the documents required for an International Driving License application in Dubai?

When applying through online or offline means, you must submit the required documentation. The following papers are required for an international driving licence application in Dubai:

  • IDL form (available for download on the ATCUAE website)
  • A copy of the Emirates ID
  • A copy of your passport and evidence of residency
  • A copy of a current UAE licence for driving
  • Two passport photographs

Which countries require an International Driving License to drive legally?

Over 150 different countries let tourists to drive with an international driving licence. To make sure that an IDL has been accepted and approved for driving reasons, check with the local authorities or suitable driving organisations in the country that you would like to visit. The following countries allow tourists to drive freely with international driving licences:

  • Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Aguila, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, and Austria are a few of the countries featured.
  • Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brunei, Bulgaria, and Burkina Faso are a few of the countries featured.

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