Enjoy unparalleled travel experiences at airports in the UAE

Airports in the UAE connect the country to major international destinations. Tourists can visit the region quickly, while expat residents may easily return to their own countries. Dubai International Airport is the busiest commercial, private, civil, and military airport in the UAE. International tourists consistently endorse the UAE airports’ high-quality facilities and rated their overall travel experience as excellent.

The list of UAE airports

All UAE airports offer excellent services and place great value on passenger safety and security. While Dubai International Airport is the most well-known, other airports in the UAE play a crucial role in the development of the country’s economic system. A list of UAE airports with pertinent information can be found here. So, if you plan on visiting the area soon, use this information to make your trip easier.

Abu Dhabi International airport

Abu Dhabi International Airport, often called AUH, is the UAE’s second-largest airport. It was opened in 1982 and provides an airport for 50 airlines that travel to over 102 locations. The Midfield Terminal, often known is Airport A, opened in 2023. The Abu Dhabi International Airport earned the ‘Airport of the Year’ title in the 10-30 million division at the Air Travel News Awards in 2016.

Abu Dhabi International airport terminals

The Dhabi International Airport, which is managed by the Abu Dhabi government, has three concourses. A new terminal opens in 2023, with two before ports closing and one serving as a backup station.

Abu Dhabi airport terminal A

This recently constructed Midfield Terminal can handle over 11,000 passengers per hour and about 45 million people per year. The complex has shops, restaurants, cafes, hospitality lounges, and a train hotel. Passengers may take use of cutting-edge technology like face recognition, a comprehensive luggage handling system, and a Smart Travel System.

Abu Dhabi airport terminal 1 – T1

T1, the oldest fatal has been split into three floors. The ground floor has an arrivals section with passport control, baggage and departure facilities, along with security and check-in counters.

Abu Dhabi airport terminal 2 – T2

Terminal 2 is the shortest of three airport terminals at AUH. The departure and arrival sections are on the same level. Terminal 2 is also closed.

Abu Dhabi airport terminak 3 – T3

T3 is an expansion of Terminal 1 that was built to handle Etihad Airways passengers. It right now acts as a backup station and has Departure Gates 28-35 and 58-61.

Things to do at the Abu Dhabi international airport

The Abu Dhabi International Airport has an abundance of retail and restaurant chains. Brioche Dorée, Culto Cafe, Bottega Bar, Jones The Grocer, District Pana, Lulu Roastery Meat, Puro Gusto, Starbucks, and Shawa SO! are some of the restaurants. Coffee with The New York Times

Many bank credit cards involve access to airport lounges in Abu Dhabi, allowing you to refuel and freshen up before your flight. Other minor airports in Abu Dhabi that cater to customers visiting the islands are Delma Airport and Sir Bani Yas Airport.

Dubai international airport

Dubai International Airport first opened up in 1960, and the number of tourists that use it has grown fast ever then. It is by far the busiest airport in the UAE, serving about 200,000 people daily.

DXB airport is much more than a travel hub, which is an interesting truth. In reality, it was critical for establishing Dubai is a prominent tourist destination. The Dubai Airport has amazing facilities, including some top restaurants.

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