Enjoy unparalleled travel experiences at airports in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is connected to important global locations through its airports. Travellers can swiftly explore the area, and residents of the expat community may easily return home. Among the commercial, private, civic, and military airports in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai International Airport is the busiest. Foreign visitors have consistently praised the superb facilities at UAE airports and expressed satisfaction with their overall trip experience.

The List of UAE Airports

In addition to offering top-notch services, every airport in the United Arab Emirates prioritises the security and protection of its patrons. Although Dubai International Airport is the most well-known airport in the United Arab Emirates, the development of the local economy depends just as much on other airports nearby. Here is a list of airports in the United Arab Emirates that have the required data. If you intend to tour the area fast, make advantage of this information to ensure a hassle-free vacation experience.

Abu Dhabi International Airport

The second-largest airport in the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi International Airport, often referred to as AUH airport. Established in 1982, it serves as a hub for fifty airline companies, offering flights to more than 102 locations. Terminal A, often known to travellers as Midfield Terminal, opened in 2023. The international airport in Abu Dhabi was named the 2016 Air Transport News Awards’ “Airport of the Year” in the 10–30 million category.

Please keep in mind that in February 2024, the Abu Dhabi International Airport will change its name to Zayed International Airport.

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal A

With its recent opening, the Midfield Terminal can handle over 11,000 passengers an hour and about 45 million passengers a year. The building houses a transit hotel, retail stores, eateries, coffee shops and hospitality lounges. The newest technologies, like facial recognition, a comprehensive baggage management system, and a Smart Travel System, are advantageous to passengers.

Things to do at the Abu Dhabi International Airport

Even during a lengthy layover, you won’t be bored at the Abu Dhabi International Airport because there are so many things to do there.

The Abu Dhabi International Airport has a large number of food and beverage establishments as well as retail stores. You should check out Shawa SO, Jones The Grocer, District Pana, Lulu Roastery Meat, Puro Gusto, Starbucks, Brioche Dorée, Culto Cafe and Bottega Bar, among the restaurants! The Daily and Coffee

Access to the Abu Dhabi airport lounge is provided by many bank credit cards, allowing you to refuel and freshen up before your trip. Sir Bani Yas Airport and Delma Airport are two additional small airports in Abu Dhabi that serve travellers to the islands.

Dubai International Airport

Since its opening in 1960, the volume of travellers utilising Dubai International Airport has increased dramatically. Easily the busiest airport in the United Arab Emirates, it serves close to 200,000 passengers every day.

DXB airport is much more than just a hub for travel, which is an interesting truth about it. As a matter of fact, it has been crucial in making Dubai a popular travel destination. The Dubai Airport has first-rate amenities, including a few of the best eateries around.

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