How to Delete a Wallpaper From Your iPhone

Why would you want to save outdated wallpaper that you rarely ever use? They can be effortlessly eliminated from your iPhone.

You probably have an extensive set of outdated wallpapers that you no longer use if you routinely change the background on your iPhone. Keeping ones you no longer care about is pointless. To clear up clutter, we’ll walk you over the process of removing iPhone wallpapers below.

How to Delete an iPhone Wallpaper From the Lock Screen

It is not possible to remove your iPhone wallpapers using the Settings app in current versions of iOS. Only wallpapers may be added or changed there.

Go to the Lock Screen if you want to remove an iPhone wallpaper. To do it, just press the Side button once to sleep your smartphone and again to wake it up and show the Lock Screen. As a last resort, you may swipe down from the top-left corner of the screen to access Notification Centre.

In either case, long-press any location on the Lock Screen wallpaper (to access the wallpaper menu, the phone has to be unlocked). Now, swipe to the left or right to see the wallpapers you already had. To remove a wallpaper, swipe upwards on it. To confirm, tap the Trash icon and choose Delete This Wallpaper.

Does Deleting an iPhone Wallpaper Also Remove the Original Photo?

You can be confident that the original image stays intact even if you remove your iPhone wallpaper from the Lock Screen.

Let’s take an example where you snap a photo of your kid or pet and store it in the Photos app. It does not affect the original photo in Photos if you set it as your iPhone background and then remove it.

But if you’ve already deleted the original photo from Photos, erasing your iPhone wallpaper will also erase the original and render it inaccessible.

As of right now, the Photos app does not support storing iPhone Lock Screen wallpapers. To get an exact copy of the picture, you may snap a screenshot of your iPhone’s lock screen, but it won’t be ideal. There will also be details like the time and date. The greatest option available to you is to recover deleted images from your iPhone using a backup.

You can change the wallpaper on your iPhone using the Settings app or the Lock Screen, however you are unable to eliminate a wallpaper from the Notification Centre or iOS Lock Screen. Even if you remove wallpapers from your iPhone, you won’t have to worry about losing a cherished image as long as the original is stored in the Photos app.

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