Stay Safe and Dry: How to Prepare Yourself for Rain and Thunderstorms in Abu Dhabi

The National Centre for Meteorology (NCM) has forecasted heavy rainfall and thunderstorms across the UAE this weekend, with Abu Dhabi likely to experience significant impacts. As per reports, the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) will be holding a media briefing today at 5pm to address the upcoming inclement weather conditions. Residents of the capital have already witnessed sporadic light showers since Monday. Additionally, regions like Al Ain, Mohammed bin Zayed City, Musaffah, and more also saw light to moderate rains early Thursday morning.

Recap of recent light to moderate rainfall in various regions

While Abu Dhabi city has experienced sporadic light drizzles since Monday, other areas in the vicinity have reported more significant rainfall over the past few days. Early Thursday morning, light showers were recorded in Al Ain’s Um Ghafah and Al Sarouj areas. Additionally, moderate rainfall was also registered in Mohammed bin Zayed City and Musaffah in Abu Dhabi.

These incidences of precipitation align with the NCM’s advisory regarding an imminent weekend of stormy weather. Residents are being told to prepare for heavy rains and thunderstorms starting as early as Friday. With some regions already witnessing rainfall ahead of the weekend, the forecasts lend even more credibility to the NCM and NCEMA’s warnings.

Warning about the expected temperature drop post-sunset

While rainfall and thunderstorms are expected throughout the weekend, the NCM has also warned of a steep temperature drop post-sunset on Sunday. As per forecasts, while Sunday morning is likely to bring clearer skies, the cold snap at sundown may see temperatures plummet to as low as 15°C.

This abrupt weather fluctuation is likely to catch residents off-guard, especially since daytime peaks typically hover between 25°C to 30°C year-round. To compound matters, the overnight chill coincides with the aftermath of an intense weekend of storms. Hence, people are being advised to take the warning very seriously and prepare themselves adequately.

How to Prepare for Rain and Thunderstorms in Abu Dhabi

With heavy rainfall and thunderstorms forecasted, authorities are advising citizens across Abu Dhabi to remain indoors to the extent possible over the weekend. All non-essential outdoor plans and activities should be limited until the inclement weather passes.

Moreover, keep outdoor time to a bare minimum and seek indoor shelter at the earliest signs of a storm. Avoid being caught outdoors unprepared once the thunder, lightning and heavy downpour begin.

Stock up on essential supplies like food and water

With experts predicting a weekend of torrential rain and thunderstorms, Abu Dhabi residents are being told to stock up on essential supplies. Having ample food and water reserves will prevent shortages, should outdoor trips become risky or impossible during storms.

Ensure to purchase non-perishable food items with a long shelf-life, such as canned goods, cereal, nuts, crackers, and dried fruit. Packaged, microwavable and instant meals are also good to have on hand. Don’t forget pet food too!

Secure loose items outdoors to prevent damage

With heavy rain, thunder and strong winds anticipated, Abu Dhabi authorities are urging residents to secure loose items left outdoors. Anything that could turn into dangerous projectiles in high winds should be tied down or brought inside.

This includes lightweight objects like patio furniture, flower pots, decor pieces, garbage cans, garden tools and more. Heavier items like trampolines, play equipment, storage sheds, temporary structures, etc. will also need to be anchored and stabilized.

Check emergency kits and ensure they are ready

Authorities are advising citizens across Abu Dhabi to check their emergency kits and supplies ahead of the stormy weather. Ensure flashlights have working batteries, battery packs are charged up, first aid kits are fully stocked and easy-to-prepare food reserves are set aside.

Keep copies of important documents in waterproof folders ready to take at a moment’s notice. Have a list of emergency contacts, insurance information, identification papers, etc. easily accessible as well. For families, make sure children and pets are accounted for with their critical records too.

Stay informed through official channels for updates

With the NCM and NCEMA regularly putting out weather updates and safety advisories, Abu Dhabi residents are being asked to follow official channels for the latest information. Keep track of warnings, storm movements, flood risks and recovery measures through authenticated sources.

Monitor TV news bulletins, radio announcements and social media handles of authorized departments. Register for emergency SMS alerts from carriers and relevant agencies. Bookmark official websites and check for fresh details periodically. Avoid speculation and stay informed with facts.

Safety Measures During Rain and Thunderstorms

If thunderstorms and heavy rain inundate parts of Abu Dhabi over the weekend, residents are strongly urged to avoid flooded areas with fast-flowing water. Trying to drive, walk or swim through such hazardous conditions can prove extremely dangerous.

Not only does fast-moving floodwater contain hidden debris and contaminants, its immense force can easily sweep people and vehicles away. Furthermore, it is often impossible to gauge accurate depth or velocity of surging water from sight alone.

Stay away from electrical appliances during storms

With heavy thunderstorms and lightning forecasted over the Abu Dhabi weekend, residents are being cautioned to stay away from electrical appliances and outlets. Live wires and conduits pose an electrocution hazard during extreme weather.

If rising floodwaters inundate buildings, switch off main supplies immediately. Never attempt to switch on appliances, elevators etc if water has breached electrical panels or wiring. Wait for expert technicians to verify safety before restoring connections.

Be cautious of lightning strikes and seek shelter indoors

With thunderstorms predicted over the weekend, Abu Dhabi officials are urging citizens across the Emirate to exercise extreme caution against lightning strikes when outdoors. Being underneath trees, shelters, temporary structures or near tall buildings and towers during a storm puts people at risk of being struck.

If thunder roars without an accompanying downpour, lightning may still strike from a distance. Seek safe indoor shelter immediately until storms pass. Avoid using landline phones, electrical appliances and plumbing fixtures throughout as well. Vehicles, with metal exteriors and rubber tires also do not guarantee absolute protection.

Drive carefully and follow road safety guidelines

Motorists across Abu Dhabi are being advised to exercise extreme caution while driving through rain and thunderstorms forecasted over the weekend. Reduced visibility, slippery roads and potential aquaplaning can heighten chances of vehicular accidents and pile-ups.

Do not attempt to power through flooded roads or tunnels with fast flowing water. Turn around and take alternative routes if possible. If stuck, abandon vehicle and seek higher ground safely. Follow police warnings and barricades for your own safety.

Have emergency contacts handy in case of need

Abu Dhabi authorities are advising residents to have emergency contacts handy through the weekend, given forecasts of severe thunderstorms and rainfall. Phones, radio communications and internet access may be disrupted during inclement weather, especially if electric poles or towers sustain damage.

Know designated radio frequencies to tune into for public service announcements by authorities. Have battery packs and spare cells ready to ensure devices remain powered on through extended storms and outages if needed.

After the Storm: Post-Thunderstorm Precautions

As the forecasted thunderstorms and heavy rain pass over Abu Dhabi, authorities have advised citizens to remain vigilant even after the worst is over. Fallen trees, broken power lines, scattered debris and standing floodwaters left in the aftermath can also prove hazardous.

Venture outdoors only after confirming one’s surroundings are safe. Watch for broken electrical cables, shards of glass/metal and uprooted vegetation that could cause injury. Wear covered shoes and gloves if clearing out areas. Contract professionals to handle large fallen trees, debris and busted main supplies.

Allow time for proper inspections before reconnecting power and utilities. Do not switch on appliances that may have gotten wet. Avoid using elevators until deemed safe too. Recovery post an intense storm demands equal care and caution as the event itself.

Inspect your property for any damages

Abu Dhabi authorities have advised residents to thoroughly inspect their homes and properties following the forecasted thunderstorms and heavy rainfall over the weekend. Damage from such severe weather can often go unseen initially.

Record eyewitness accounts immediately too, as insurance companies will require detailed assessments. Make temporary repairs where possible to prevent further loss, but avoid permanent restoration before claims are approved. Safety comes first, property second after inclement weather.

Check on neighbors and offer assistance if needed

As thunderstorms and heavy rain are forecasted across Abu Dhabi through the weekend, residents are being encouraged to check in on vulnerable neighbors once it passes. Elderly people living alone, individuals with medical conditions or poor housing are most at risk during severe weather events.

Simple gestures of support and kindness, especially towards marginalized groups without family, can make an immense difference in post-storm recovery. Community camaraderie and responsibility must come to the fore during times of crisis.

Follow local authorities’ instructions for post-storm recovery

Abu Dhabi’s police, municipality, utility providers and emergency departments are expected to issue specific guidelines following the forecasted thunderstorms and heavy rainfall over the weekend. Residents across the Emirate are being told to follow these instructions for efficient post-storm recovery.

Citizens may receive updates via SMS alerts, radio and TV broadcasts, flyers, social media posts, emails and emergency responders. Following the instructions demonstrates communal discipline and compassion in times of crisis.

Stay prepared for any further weather alerts or advisories

The NCM and NCEMA have indicated that while thunderstorms and heavy rain are forecasted specifically over the upcoming weekend, Abu Dhabi residents must stay prepared for other harsh weather during the season. Sporadic storms, flash floods, temperature drops or heatwaves through winter months often take citizens by surprise.

Hence even after this weekend, authorities recommend keeping emergency supplies stocked, securing properties against weather vagaries, backing up vital data online, registering for alerts and remaining in touch with local officials for updates. Gradual acclimatization will prove key over the next few months.


In light of forecasts for a weekend of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, Abu Dhabi finds itself gearing up to face immense weather variability. However, by raising awareness, urging responsible preparation and issuing prudent advisories, local authorities have done well to prepare citizens to safely ride out the upcoming storms. With the right cooperation and community-minded coordination, even severe weather events like this can be tackled efficiently. If residents act wisely – staying informed, limiting outdoor exposure, securing properties, checking on neighbors and following all guidance – disruptions and damage can be minimized.

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