How to download Spotify on Mac

Most people would agree that not only is the age of buying CDs ended, but so is the period of purchasing songs by themselves or albums online. Why pay $9.99 for an album when you can stream practically limitless music to all of your devices for the same price?

It’s no surprise that music streaming services are growing. Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL, SoundCloud, and more are available. However, by far the most important player in this business today is Spotify, which is available in over 90 countries and has an archive of 60 million songs.

So, how do you use Spotify on a Mac? How can I get Spotify on my Mac? How do I update Spotify on my Mac? How can I get music from Spotify? All of these questions and more are answered in our handy guide below.

Why use Spotify for Mac

Spotify provides a number of beneficial features. The song catalogue is massive, and it keeps being updated with new releases. Because the site has partnerships with every major label, you can find every song or album from the beginning of music recording, from the Beatles to Lil Wayne.

If you’re not sure what music to listen to, Spotify makes it simple by suggesting radio, playlists, charts, new releases, and more based on your likes. The more you listen, the better Spotify can predict what else you could be interested in.

The Spotify software for Mac also connects you to your Facebook friends, enabling you to see what music your friends are listening to and find new songs. Furthermore, Spotify is emerging as an important player in the podcast sector, with several exclusives such as The Joe Rogan Experience and The Michelle Obama Podcast.

Is it possible to download songs from Spotify? Not a second thought! You can download Spotify songs, albums, playlists, and podcasts until your device runs out of storage space. Spotify is available for download for Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Let’s take a peek at how to download Spotify on Mac in particular.

How to download Spotify on Mac

While Spotify involves an online playing internet app, there are several reasons for buying a Spotify download for Mac instead, the most important of which being the option to download Spotify monitors for offline listening.

Here’s how to activate Spotify on your Mac:

1. Go to Spotify.

2. In the top menu, click Download.

3. Enable the Spotify download to start in the pop-up bar.

4. Unzip the Spotify installation into your Downloads folder.

5. Double-click the installation file and follow the directions displayed.

You can now access Spotify from your Applications folder, similar to other applications, and even dock it.

In the improbable that Spotify fails to open on the Mac, just delete the existing version and download a new one from the website, following the steps given above.

Tips for using Spotify on Mac

The Spotify app for Mac is simple to use after you’ve downloaded it. However, there are multiple tricks. For example, you cannot directly download Spotify tracks or albums, but you can download playlists. So you can either add albums and songs to specific playlists (as many as you want) or like songs using the heart icon and then download the automated Liked Songs playlist. To download, just click the Download icon above any playlist.

Many people question how to stop Spotify from starting on startup Mac since it seems to launch every time you switch on your Mac. To do this:

1. Go to Spotify Preferences ( +,)

2. Scroll down & Select advance setting

3. Find startup menu & Switch window behavior

Another useful tool is the Spotify equaliser, which Mac usually ignores by default. Toggle on Normalise Volume under the Music Quality section of the same Preferences menu. All songs will now be the same volume, and you won’t have to change your speakers every tune.

Finally, you can not only listen to Spotify on Mac, but you can also link it to over 2,000 devices such as smart speakers, TVs, gaming consoles, and so on. To do so, verify that all of your devices are connected to the same WiFi network, and then use the Devices Available option at the bottom of your Spotify to link them.

How to use Group Session on Spotify

The option to organise a group session was one of the most recent features added to Spotify in 2020.

You know how at a function, food establishment, or office, just one person has control over the music playing on their device? Group Session aims to make that music streaming shared by allowing everyone to stop, play, and add songs to the shared queue. The ability remains in development and not officially available on Mac, though you can test it out on your iPhone:

1. Tap the Devices Available icon while a song is playing.

2. Under “Start a group session,” select Start Session.

3. Invite your friends to join by messaging them links or scanning your code.

How to achieve the best sound on Mac

You gain instant access to more than 60 million songs just you decide to find out how to play Spotify on Mac.The next best thing you can do is fine-tune your audio system so that you are able to fully enjoy your newly found endless music experience.

Boom 3D is the most powerful audio booster available for the Mac.The application offers a variety of high-quality sound increasing presets that you can also actively tune to make every genre sound exactly like it should, irrespective of your speakers. You can even enable the 3D Surround Sound option on your headphones for total audiophile experience. If you find your Mac’s maximum sound level too low, you could bypass this software restriction with one of Boom 3D’s most popular features.

How to focus with music on Mac

When you need to get anything important done, all of the open-space businesses, coworking spaces, and even construction sites near your house disrupt your focus. And if you put on your headphones and just listen to music, you can lose out on everything beneficial that’s happening on around you.Is there a happy medium?

Silenz is a great audio mixer for your Mac. As soon as you put on headphones (whether standard or wireless), this application will modify your sound flow to the surrounding world, allowing you to stay focused while hearing your phone ring or someone speaking to you. Silenz works with any third-party media player or service, including Spotify, and operates automatically, even without your involvement.

You can quickly design your ideal sound environment now that you know how to get music from Spotify and some more ideas for loud increasing with Boom 3D and sound mixing with Silenz.

Best of all, Boom 3D and Silenz are free for a week during the duration of the Setapp trial, a platform with over 200 sophisticated applications that improve your daily Mac experience, from creating icons in seconds (Image2icon) to identifying WiFi connectivity (NetSpot). Try them all for free and understand how much better your life can be using apps.

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