How to Use Mobile Technology in Sales

Technology now has a massive impact on company operations. Mobile technology, in example, is becoming increasingly vital in sales. If you continue to use old sales methods, you will miss out on the benefits of current technologies. Mobile technology in particular is essential for today’s salesman.

The worldwide smartphone user base continues to expand. It is expected that the number of users would grow from over 4 billion in 2013 to more than 5 billion in 2019. These figures show that the effect of mobile technology will continue to grow.

Mobile devices have an influence on business as well. They make it easier for salespeople to interact, generate leads more quickly, and keep track of the data they acquire. Using mobile technology as a sales representative will increase your sales.


Mobile technology enables people to conduct research while on the go. Consumers must do thorough investigation in order to better understand firms. “93% of consumers who use their mobile device to research prospective items and services end up making a purchase,” according to the report.

This means that you must consider consumer use of mobile technologies while building your sales plan.

In turn, sales professionals should use their access to mobile research to learn more about their leads and current clients. Mobile technology in sales should be used to keep your clients informed. Keeping up to speed on the primary selling points of your target market has tremendous importance to your bottom line. It is essential to comprehend the challenges that your target market is interested in fixing and to react with answers.

Mobile Communication

In field sales, using a mobile device for communication is vital. While many of us are mobile on a daily basis, using technology while on the road enables you to be creative at all times. While selling in the field, mobile devices ensure that contact between team members, clients, and potential leads is maintained.

You can walk into any meeting prepared if you have access to a mobile device. Maintaining recent data allows your meetings to operate well.

It is essential for sales teams to be aware of corporate changes or customer developments. Whenever a client has an immediate issue or inquiry, having access to you via mobile technology allows them to receive the best service possible.


Texting is becoming more useful in the world of sales. It is critical to maintain a consistent line of contact with clients and dream possible. Texting allows you to share simple updates such as meeting arrival times. Texting creates a sense of familiarity and makes you more approachable.


Your phone’s GPS is a very useful feature. It allows you to navigate anywhere without the hassle of a personal GPS gadget. If you’ve ever been late for a sales meeting, you are aware of how crucial it is to be on time. The most logical approach is to use your phone for navigation.

This convenience is brought to sales through mobile technology. You can map your clients and get to your meetings quickly. With features such as real traffic data, mobile GPS mapping ensures that your trips are as planned and optimised as possible. When employing mobile technology in sales, GPS is an excellent tool.

Lead Generation

Your mobile devices can serve as an important tool in terms of lead creation. Using mobile technologies in sales can help you to find leads more quickly. Because spontaneous lead generating is so simple, you can visit new clients in between already booked appointments. Lead generation increases productivity by allowing you to see more people in a single day, resulting in more sales in a less time-consuming manner.

Web and POS Purchasing

Mobile technologies will boost your selling skills in the field. Clients will have the ability to purchase your company’s items more rapidly if your website is focused on mobile devices.

Additionally, installing an iPad POS system allows customers to easily purchase things from your company’s own device. Enabling consumers to purchase from an iPad POS during your meeting streamlines the purchasing process for customers. Using a POS system ensures that your clients have a great experience with your business.

Data Collection

If you have a large number of clients, mobile phones are an excellent way of keeping track of them. Mobile tools allow you to retain data in a convenient location when on the road or at the office. It greatly increases productivity when data is recorded for clients and prospects right after they meet them. While you’re out in the field, mobile devices make it very easy to get a client’s phone number.

Badger Maps Mobile App

Badger Maps can fulfill your mobile technology demands. Badger facilitates communication by storing all of your clients’ contact information. The Badger Maps App can access all of the information required to keep communication open at all times when on the road.

Badger works directly with your GPS system to map each client precisely. With Badger, you can construct an optimum path to all of your clients. Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze all are compatible with the Badger Maps App.

Lead generation can also be helped by Badger Maps. Badger lets you add leads while on a scheduled route. This helps you to sell more products in a shorter amount of time.

Badger Maps’ software allows you to keep track of a variety of login information. Previous to scheduling meetings and planning routes, data for each customer may be submitted. More data may be recorded for your clients in the notes and check-in sections while on each journey. Moreover, Badger Maps offers you weekly reports that detail accounts visited and check-in information, making it simple to track your sales.

Mobile technology continues to be a valuable asset for sales representatives. Employing mobile technology in sales boosts productivity by providing real-time updates on clients and prospects in the field. GPS features assist you in determining the optimal routes to boost sales. Want to boost your sales with mobile technology? Sign up for a free Badger trial.

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