How to Successfully Transfer from One Dubai Public Transport to Another

Learn how to successfully move from one mode of Dubai public transportation to another.

Dubai public transportation provides transportation in the city easy and affordable. Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, Dubai Bus, Dubai Taxi, and Dubai Monorail make up the city’s options for transportation.

Commuters can move from one of the first three Dubai options for transportation described above to another without paying another fee. The post will mostly cover how to do so successfully.

What Is Dubai Public Transport Transfer?

This subject was briefly covered in the preceding paragraph, but it will be addressed in this paragraph to define what Dubai public transit transfer genuinely is.

With the Dubai Taxi, you can go wherever you want in and even outside of Dubai without having to transfer. However, the Dubai Metro, Tram, and Bus provide comparable service at a lower cost without compromising comfort. Unlike the cab, which may travel wherever you select in Dubai, the foregoing Dubai bus system has set routes. Given this, the Dubai transport authority allows commuters to switch from a particular form of Dubai mass transit to another within 30 minutes. This allows them to continue their journey to their destination without incurring extra expenses for exiting one mode and then boarding another. This, I believe, answers the question, “What is Dubai public transport transfer?”

How to successfully transfer from one Dubai public transport to another

This question can look to have been answered in the section before it. That is not entirely true, since some points must be answered.

Please follow the instructions below for successfully moving from one Dubai transportation option to another.

  • After fully scoping out, exit the present mode of travel (for example, subway, tram, or bus). It is crucial to check out properly.
  • Following that, move on to the next mode of transportation and ensure that you join and correctly check in within 30 minutes of leaving your last mode.

If you follow the next directions successfully, your travel will be charged as if it were a single journey.

You should definitely check out. This allows the Nol card to figure out the proper fare for you. When you check out, the card reader will display the balance on your Nol card. If you do not check out, the maximum fare will always be charged from your Nol card. In other words, you’d be overcharged.

It is vital that you recognise that you are paid based on the number of zones you traverse while commuting in Dubai. This brings us to the following section.


Transferring between forms of transport must take no longer than thirty minutes. Make sure to exit the mode of transport you’re altering from and enter the mode of transport you’re switching to. All you have to do for your travel to be deemed one is successfully transfer within 30 minutes.

The Dubai metro, tram, and bus all have the same rates. Each counts depending on the number of zones you travelled through on your tour. In other words, you’re charged based on how many zones you passed across on your tour.

How Do I Check In?

1. Make sure your card has a minimal balance of AED 7.50.

2. Approach the subway gates or the Bus / Water Bus entrances.

3. Put your Nol Card into the card reader.

4. Wait for a beep or look for a green light indicating a successful check-in.

5. Pass through the entrance/gate.

In most cases, you won’t have to take your Nol card out of your wallet to check in. Your Nol card will have no impact on the other cards in your wallet. However, if you have more than one Nol card in your wallet, you will be unable to check in.

How Do I Check Out?

1. Approach the Metro exit doors or the Bus/Water Bus exit doors.

2. Enter your Nol Card into the card reader.

3. Wait for a beep or look for a green light indicating a successful check-out.

4. Pass through the exit/entrance gate.

5. The gate will automatically compute the cost of the journey (depending on the number of zones you have traversed) and the remaining balance on your card at this point.

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