How to Use Tech to Create the Ultimate Christmas Atmosphere [Podcast]

This week’s episode will assist you get into the holiday spirit by offering advice on how to use technology to create a festive atmosphere.

Christmas preparation must be made. So why not take some shortcuts with technology? This week’s episode covers anything from making your own DIY Christmas lights to printing gifts and decorations in 3D and curating the perfect song to suit the mood.

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We’re offering you the following seasonal tips this week:

  • How-Tos for Creating DIY Christmas Lights
  • Creating Christmas Ideas using 3D Printing
  • Make a Spotify Playlist to enjoy during the Holidays.
  • Microsoft Holiday Sweater
  • Attire for the Atari Club
  • Best Sites for Online Christmas Music Listening
  • Christmas Carols and Websites for Karaoke

This podcast is presented by Christian Cawley and Gavin Phillips. You may reach them on Twitter at @gavinspavin and @thegadgetmonkey with recommendations for next subjects. Furthermore, remember to give us a rating on Apple Podcasts!

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