Over 10 million passengers expected to travel through DXB Airport in the next six weeks

Airports are about to grow a lot busier since, in the next month and a half, millions of people have to transit through Dubai International (DXB).

According to forecasts, DXB’s passenger volume is projected to approach pre-pandemic levels in 2019 with 86.8 million this year.

With 64.5 million passengers arriving at the airport in the first nine months of 2023, the global hub has already passed a significant milestone.

DXB saw average monthly traffic of 7.6 million in the second half of 2023, continuing summer pre-pandemic levels.

DXB is now a top global travel hub because to the growth it saw in the first three quarters of the year and the expected rise in travellers in the fourth quarter (we all know how busy it gets in November and December).

Dubai Airports anticipates that for the upcoming months and the entirety of 2024, the record-breaking trend will continue to exist.

In order to handle the overwhelming volume of people, DXB intends to increase infrastructure capacity and boost efficiency.

Currently, DXB can handle up to 100 million passengers annually. With the use of contemporary technology and increased airport area, Dubai International aims to reach 120 million passengers.

Where are most travellers going?

With 8.9 million passengers in the first nine months of the year, India overtook Saudi Arabia (4.8 million) and the United Kingdom (4.4 million) as DXB’s biggest country destination.

Russia (1.8 million), the US (2.7 million), and Pakistan (3.1 million) are other notable national destinations.

Cities with the most visitors were London (2.7 million) and Riyadh (1.9 million), closely followed by Mumbai (1.8 million) and Jeddah (1.7 million).

How long are you waiting at Dubai airports?

96% of incoming passengers spent less than 11 minutes on average waiting in passport control paths, according to Dubai Airports. At exit passport control, 95.1% of departing passengers waited in queue for less than six minutes.

Ninety-one percent of all baggage was delivered within 45 minutes of the aircraft landing. Quite amazing.

Here are some suggestions for leaving DXB quicker if you’re seeking for strategies to avoid delays.

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