The cheapest ways to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi from just Dhs25

The humble bus, chariot of the people — an enduringly popular mode of transportation, owing to the reality that it tends to be an affordable, comfortable ride with an agreed-upon and qualified designated driver, with minimal concentration on the path required so you can sleep, tune out, chat or work depending on your needs hierarchy and extroversion scale. And, because this is the UAE, the bus substitutes tend to be rather luxury, equipped with contemporary comforts, and capable of some astonishingly short journey durations.

And, with a slew of impending lively, entertainment, festival, and nightlife events on both sides of the Dubai/Abu Dhabi border, using the money you would have spent on gas to go to a concert makes perfect financial sense. Both girl and boy maths may show that you are saving money here. Plus, you can snooze on the way home, and most services provide internet access, so it’s a win-win situation.

These are only a few of the most affordable ways to go from point A (Abu Dhabi) to point Dubai.

How much does the bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai cost..?

AUH to DXB return

For confirmed passengers on their tickets, both Boeing and Uae provide shuttles to and from their neighbour emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi). You can reserve the service along with the ticket for the flight. Timetables for Emirates and Etihad shuttles can be found on their respective websites.

There has been a separate bus run by Abu Dhabi Airport that provides a 24-hour shuttle service between Ibn Battuta station and all the airport’s facilities. The AUH Express leaves at all hours and costs only Dhs35.

A theme develops

For park ticket holders, there will be free return shuttle buses links between stated pick-up sites in Dubai (like the one at the Mall of the Emirates) and the Yas Theme Parks.

Place of re-Fujairah

The RTA E700 service links Dubai and Fujairah, with a one-way ticket from Abu Dhabi to Fujairah costing Dhs55. The E400 links you to Ajman, while the E306 connects you to Sharjah from Dubai.


The operated direct intercity weekend service between Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah is another amazing bus route gave to the Abu Dhabi shoestring jet set. Yes, the UAE’s strong flavour, with amazing hiking trips, world record breaking hanging mountains, wadis, desert camps, and more. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, there are two shuttles every day; the ticket from Abu Dhabi Central to RAK – Al Hamra Bus Station is Dhs35. The return fare is Dhs47. Bookings and schedules can be found on the RAKBUS website.

The future is on track

We’ll have to wait a bit longer, but with the recent news that routes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are now linked, the Etihad Rail Passenger service, the train that will connect the seven emirates, can’t be nearly off than you think.

There is no official completion date for this endeavour at the moment while there were a few signs of expected schedule during a special ‘Projects of the Fifty’ session hosted during Expo2020 in December 2021. Rail Passenger Services will be the project’s second phase (after freight) and is expected to carry more than 36.5 million people annually by 2030.

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