Popular areas to rent apartments near colleges in Abu Dhabi

Are you a parent or student trying to find the best places in Abu Dhabi to rent flats close to colleges? There’s nowhere else to look! We’ll walk you through some of the most well-liked neighbourhoods with student housing alternatives. We have options for both tranquil neighbourhoods with serene surroundings and bustling neighbourhoods with convenient access to public transportation.

List of Popular Areas to Rent Apartments Near Colleges in Abu Dhabi

The popular districts in Abu Dhabi where you may rent flats close to institutions have great possibilities to make your time in college and university in the UAE capital absolutely unforgettable!

The top choice is Al Reem Island, which is followed by family-friendly locations like Saadiyat Island and Khalifa City. The list of the best neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi to rent flats close to colleges is completed by the comparatively calmer neighbourhoods of Zayed City and Shakhbout City.

Al Reem Island

When it comes to renting flats near colleges in Abu Dhabi, Al Reem Island comes in top. A variety of sizes and types of rentals are available on the island to accommodate an array of demands and price ranges.

For a variety of motives, youth workers and learners look at renting apartments on Al Reem Island.

Al Reem Island is a desirable option for tenants due to its abundance of amenities and handy location. On Al Reem Island, there are shops, restaurants, cafes, and recreational areas, making sure that people have access to all they need. Additionally, it features a number of parks and green areas that give locals a nice place for relaxation and rest.

Khalifa City

Khalifa City is the next most sought-after neighbourhood in Abu Dhabi for college flat rentals. For students, this suburb provides a comfortable and quiet living environment. Long journeys to campus won’t be an issue because of its close proximity to a number of colleges and universities in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Easy access to amenities including restaurants, retail centres, supermarkets, and leisure centres is a benefit of living in Khalifa City. In addition, the vicinity boasts excellent public transit connections, which facilitate students’ mobility across Abu Dhabi.

In Khalifa City, renting an apartment is a wise decision because of the area’s student-friendly atmosphere and reasonable rents.

Shakhbout City

For individuals looking for flats in Abu Dhabi close to colleges, Shakhbout City is a fantastic option. Situated outside the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, this region provides a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Students may easily commute to and from their campuses because to the area’s excellent connections to Abu Dhabi’s many institutions and universities.

The abundance of housing possibilities in Shakhbout City is a major benefit of renting apartments. There is accommodation to meet the needs and budget of any student, ranging from cosy studios to roomy 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

In addition, Shakhbout City’s rental costs are comparatively low when measured against those of other Abu Dhabi neighbourhoods. This makes it the perfect alternative for students looking for affordable housing. An overview of average rents can be found here.

Zayed City

In Abu Dhabi, Zayed City provides a selection of rental flats close to schools and institutions. Students may easily commute to their classes and have access to a variety of services like restaurants, cafes, and stores because of the area’s close proximity to educational institutions.

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