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The Ultimate Dining Experience: Join the Lucky 100 Guests at Pierchic Dubai’s Longest Table in March

Pierchic Dubai, the award-winning Italian restaurant perched atop Jumeirah Al Qasr’s private pier, is hosting a spectacular one-night-only dining event on Friday, March 8th. This exclusive experience will feature the longest dining table in the city, allowing 100 lucky guests to enjoy a luxurious five-course dinner prepared by Pierchic’s talented Chef Beatrice Segomo and Chef Luca Costello.

With stunning views of the Arabian Gulf as the backdrop and live music setting the mood, this special evening embodies luxury, exclusivity and culinary excellence. Keep reading to learn all about Pierchic’s not-to-be-missed longest table event.

Setting the Scene: Longest Dining Table at Pierchic Dubai

The focal point of the evening will be an extra long dining table stretching across Pierchic Dubai’s iconic pier, specially set up to accommodate 100 guests simultaneously. With the glittering Dubai skyline visible in the distance, the uninterrupted table promises a visually striking setting for this exclusive dinner.

The intimate pier location, gorgeous views and singular dining table make this event incredibly unique and memorable. Guests will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of water while enjoying personalised service not possible at a larger venue.

The extensive table also facilitates socialisation amongst diners, allowing interesting conversations to flow up and down its length. New friendships may even be struck over the many delicious courses.

Overview of the Exclusive Dining Experience

The evening begins at 6:30pm with a champagne reception as the sun starts to set over Dubai. This is a chance for guests to settle in, mingle and whet their appetites before the extensive dinner service commences.

The five-course meal then starts at 7:30pm, artfully prepared by Chef Segoni and Chef Crostelli. Guests can look forward to Italian delicacies such as carpaccio di manzo, tortelloni alla norma and a lobster risotto. The menu has been carefully crafted to showcase culinary excellence.

As diners indulge in the various courses, live music from ensemble The Youngers Band will enhance the glamorous atmosphere. Their soulful melodies are the perfect accompaniment to this special dinner.

With only 100 places available at the exclusive table, the night is sure to be an unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to attend.

The Culinary Delights

The five-course dinner commencing at 7:30pm promises to tantalise tastebuds with Italian favourites and seafood delicacies. Starter carpaccio di manzo sees thin slivers of raw beef dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and Parmesan for a refreshing beginning. This follows tortelloni alla norma, pasta parcels filled with ricotta and eggplant in a rich tomato sauce. Then, risotto all’astice stars lobster meat sautéed in white wine and incorporated into creamy Arborio rice. The main of filetto di manzo is a prime beef tenderloin with sweet date chutney and carrots. Finally, the meal concludes with a classic tiramisu of coffee-soaked ladyfingers layered with mascarpone cream and cocoa. This menu encapsulates the finest Italian cuisine, with seafood, meat and vegetarian options sure to tempt all palates. Guests will enjoy culinary excellence from start to decadent finish.

Highlighting the Culinary Excellence and Unique Offerings

The exquisite five-course menu for the evening has been meticulously designed by Pierchic’s award-winning head chef, Beatrice Segoni, to showcase Italian gastronomy at its finest. She will prepare every dish with absolute precision and dedication to quality.

The beef carpaccio, for example, utilises prime cuts of tenderloin sliced tissue-thin and dressed at the table for ultimate freshness. The tortelloni pasta is stuffed by hand with rich ricotta and smoky eggplant before being bathed in San Marzano tomatoes.

The risotto all’astice stars sweet Arabian Gulf prawns and lobster flesh cooked in white wine then stirred through carnaroli rice. Diners can expect perfect consistency and lashings of seafood in this special dish.

Such attention to detail elevates the entire menu above everyday Italian fare. Guests will recognise Chef Segoni’s passion in every bite, making this longest table event exceptionally special.

Music Entertainment by The Youngers Band

While The Youngers Band entertains diners with their soulful repertoire, the music will create a lively yet elegant ambiance perfectly suited to the glamorous table setting. As the Arabian Gulf shimmers in the moonlight, guests will feel whisked away to another world.

The band’s lead singer has a smooth, crooning voice akin to classic jazz performers. Coupled with skilled musicianship and a subtle rhythm section, his vocals will enthral the diners between courses.

Performing crowd pleasers and their own original compositions, The Youngers Band’s style melds timeless romanticism with contemporary flair. Their music promises to enhance the entire exclusive dining experience on Pierchic’s one-of-a-kind longest table.

Limited Availability

As the longest table ever seen in Dubai, this special event at Pierchic is extraordinarily exclusive. The singular dining setting can only accommodate 100 guests for the entire evening.

With Pierchic’s waterfront location being so intimate, a larger guest list is simply not feasible. Thus dining at this exclusive table becomes a rare privilege, certain to sell out very quickly.

The limited number of diners also ensures an incredibly personalised evening. Guests will receive attentive service from the venue’s staff, as well as personal interactions with Chef Segoni and her son Chef Crostelli as they mingle tableside.

Discussion of the Limited Availability for Just 100 Guests

Access to the exclusive dining event is extremely limited, with Pierchic only able to welcome 100 guests due to spatial constraints. The singular dining table can comfortably accommodate this number for a pleasant interactive evening.

With only 100 places available, competition for tickets is sure to be fierce amongst Dubai’s socialites and dining connoisseurs. Those lucky enough to secure a reservation can look forward to an incredibly intimate and memorable night.

The small guest list also means Chef Seguin can personally oversee every dish leaving her kitchen. She and Chef Costello will likely make appearances tableside as well during the event, adding to the exclusive atmosphere.

Pricing Details and Reservation Requirements

Tickets to this exclusive longest table dining event are priced at Dhs700 per person including the five-course menu and selected beverages. Bookings are essential via the restaurant’s website or by phoning 800 323 232. Guests must secure their reservations ahead of time to attend.

The evening begins at 6:30pm sharp with a champagne reception so guests must arrive on time to be seated for dinner service at 7:30pm. Latecomers will have to join the table at whichever course is underway at that point as the event cannot be delayed.

Pierchic will arrange precise table seating positions for all attendees at the extra long dining table based on the order of reservations received. Guests should state any special seating requests when booking to ensure they are accommodated.

As placements cannot be reshuffled on the night, reservations are truly mandatory. Walk-ins will not be accepted given the very limited availability and prearranged table layout.


Pierchic Dubai’s exclusive longest table event occurring on March 8th is poised to be an incredible night out. With only 100 seats available at the breathtaking table, diners can indulge in Italian culinary excellence against the gorgeous backdrop of the Arabian Gulf. The Dhs700 ticket includes a champagne reception, five decadent courses prepared by award-winning Chef Segoni, paired beverages and atmospheric entertainment. Time is running out to secure a reservation for this guaranteed sell-out event. Dubai epicureans and socialites will not want to miss savoring this dazzling dinner experience alongside 99 fellow privileged guests. Pierchic promises an evening of luxury, exclusivity and gastronomic delight at one exceptionally long, singular table.

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