Smarthub Abu Dhabi – Municipal services at your fingertips

You now have a different way to access your Tawtheeq profile if you live in Abu Dhabi. You can register, renew, or make modifications to your Abu Dhabi tenancy contract through this Smarthub platform. Residents of the capital are able to use a variety of Abu Dhabi municipal services through it.

Find out what services are available and how to get to your SmartHub login by reading on.

About SmartHub

You must have registered for a Tawtheeq profile if you live in Abu Dhabi. This profile helps with tenancy contract updates, renewals, and registrations. It has simplified the interaction between Abu Dhabi’s landlords and tenants since its founding.

You can now access your Tawtheeq login using a portal. This Department of Municipalities and Transport website, called “Smarthub,” is linked to your UAE Pass. To issue a Tawtheeq agreement, all Abu Dhabi tenants must first register for a Smarthub account.

In addition to Tawtheeq, Smarthub provides access to an array of municipal services, including mailbox installation, food distribution card demands, and fine payment. For engineers and real estate brokers in Abu Dhabi who need licences or wish to renew their licences, it provides services. The dashboard is really easy to navigate.

How to Access SmartHub Abu Dhabi

For the present time, Smarthub does not have an app, so you will need to use a computer or mobile device to use the website.

The following are ways to get into your Smarthub Abu Dhabi consider:

  • Go to your UAE Pass app and enter your phone number to log in first. Use your Emirates ID and face to create a UAE Pass profile if you don’t already have one.
  • Go to the Smarthub webpage.
  • Choose “login using UAE Pass.”
  • Enter the phone number associated with your UAE Pass.
  • An inquiry to log into your UAE Pass login will appear. You will receive an inquiry for verification from the “Abu Dhabi Smarthub portal” when you open the UAE Pass app.
  • To validate this request, enter your PIN.
  • Return to the Smarthub homepage. Your Smarthub login will now be active.

After that, you’ll be taken to the Smarthub Abu Dhabi Municipality dashboard, where you can use Tawtheeq and other services provided by the Department of Municipalities and Transportation.

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