Step-by-Step Instructions for Activating Electricity and Water in Abu Dhabi Homes

Activating electricity and water connections is an essential step when moving into a new home in Abu Dhabi. Having continuous access to these utilities ensures your daily life is not disrupted as you settle into your new residence.

This guide will provide a step-by-step overview of the activation process, required documents, and answer some frequently asked questions. Read on to learn everything you need to know about activating electricity and water in your Abu Dhabi home.

Importance of Activating Electricity and Water in Abu Dhabi

Access to electricity and water is vital for meeting your basic needs and maintaining a comfortable standard of living. Without active connections, you would be left without:

  • Lights, AC, and other electrical appliances
  • Running water for drinking, cooking, showering, etc.
  • Proper sanitation and drainage

Having continuous electricity and water services also prevents disruptions to your daily routine. With active connections in place before you move in, you can focus on settling into your new home.

Finally, activating these utilities is a legal requirement for Abu Dhabi residents. Failing to properly set up electricity and water connections could result in penalties or service disruptions.

Overview of the Activation Process

The activation process involves just a few key steps:

1. Register your tenancy contract with Tawtheeq

2. Provide the required details to ADCC to link your account

3. Submit copies of necessary documents

4. Activate your online account to monitor usage and bills

The sections below explain each step of the activation process in greater detail. Generally, the process takes between 1-2 weeks depending on how quickly you submit documents.

Registration of Tenancy Contract with Tawtheeq

Tawtheeq is Abu Dhabi’s centralized real estate registration system. Your first step is to ensure your tenancy contract is properly registered in Tawtheeq’s database.

Linking your tenancy details with Tawtheeq allows ADCC to seamlessly set up your water and electricity accounts when you submit a move-in request. Without Tawtheeq registration, you would need to manually file a separate application.

Linking of Systems by Abu Dhabi Distribution Company

In 2015, ADCC connected its internal systems with Tawtheeq’s real estate database. Now, when you register a new rental contract, ADCC automatically receives your details to initialize new water and electricity accounts.

So as soon as you formally register your tenancy agreement with Tawtheeq, ADCC will have the information they need to process your move-in utility application.

Providing Details to Start the Move-in Process

To kickstart the move-in process, you need to provide:

  • Your premise ID number
  • The physical address of the property
  • Indicate whether you are the tenant or landlord

ADCC requires these details so they can verify your identity and connect your new accounts to the correct property.

Steps to Activate Your Online Account

Activating your online ADCC account allows you to:

  • View electricity and water usage
  • Monitor monthly bills
  • Change account details if needed

Follow these steps to activate your online account:

1. Enter your ADCC account number from your utility bill

2. Click “Send a PIN Code” to receive a verification code

3. Input the 4-digit PIN code

4. Access your account dashboard and features

If you already registered on ADCC’s old website, you can login with the same credentials.

Required Documents

You need to submit copies of supporting documents along with your application. The required documents depend on whether you are a tenant or landlord.

Documents for Tenants

Tenants need to provide copies of:

  • Passport
  • Emirates ID
  • Family book (for UAE nationals)
  • Signed tenancy contract
  • Previous utility account closing letter

The account closing letter shows the prior balances for the property were settled before you took occupancy.

Documents for Owners

Homeowners need to submit:

  • Passport
  • Emirates ID
  • Family book (for UAE nationals)
  • Copy of property ownership deed
  • Site plan issued by Abu Dhabi Municipality

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