All about online Abu Dhabi traffic fine payment

The UAE invites visitors from all around the world. Whether it is property or transportation, the UAE established thorough norms and regulations that residents and visitors must observe. There is a fine that you must pay if you breach a rule. Today, we’ll go with ways to pay an Abu Dhabi traffic charge online.

Settle your Abu Dhabi Traffic Fine Payment Online

The UAE’s traffic rules are intended to promote the safety of cars and pedestrians. There are monetary penalties for infractions, and depending on the offence, you may receive black points on your driver’s licence.

Payment of Abu Dhabi traffic fines is a simple and fast online process. Here are the several ‘online options’ to pay your Abu Dhabi traffic penalties.

Emirates Vehicle Gate

The government has made it especially easy to pay traffic penalties in recent years. Even if you don’t have time to attend the office, there are multiple ways for paying traffic fines online in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Vehicle Gate is a car owner and driver electronic service. On the website and app, you can do things like register a new cars, monitor accidents, and pay traffic penalties online.

People in Abu Dhabi can use the Emirates Vehicle Gate website and mobile app to simply enquire about and pay traffic fines. This platform simplifies the procedure, allowing customers to solve traffic-related issues from their smartphones in a simple and effective way.

Follow the directions provided on the Emirates Car Gate website to pay the fee.

  • Click Pay Traffic penalties on the website’s Home tab and search to find any unpaid fees.
  • You can search for data by traffic code, car plate, or licence number.
  • Select the (pending) fine that you must pay.
  • Make an online payment using a debit or credit card.

In addition, you can pay penalties using the EVG app, which is really simple. All you’ve got to do is download the app and set up a login. Tap Pay Traffic Fines and then follow the directions displayed.

Ministry of Interior Website and App

Online payment of Abu Dhabi traffic fines is available using the Ministry of Interior’s official app or website. You can use the traffic and licencing services, look for and select penalties on your record, and pay with a credit card. To get the app, search for MOI UAE on iTunes or Google Play. Remember, you may pay your Abu Dhabi police traffic fine using your phone.

Let’s go into how to pay traffic fines online using the Ministry of Interior’s website.

  • On the homepage, select the ‘E-services’ tab.
  • Then select ‘Traffic & Licencing’ from the drop-down menu.
  • When the page loads, click to the ‘Payment of Traffic Fines’ section.
  • If you want more info about traffic fine payment, pick ‘View additional’ and if you’re going to commence the online payment process, click ‘Start Service’.
  • If you already have an account, select ‘Sign in with UAE Pass.’ If you haven’t already registered, click ‘Sign up with UAE Pass.’
  • Once enrolled, you can see outstanding traffic consequences by entering your traffic profile, car plate and licence number.
  • To proceed with payment, click the ‘Pay Fines’ choice after selecting the precise fine you want to pay. If you need to go with the penalties again, click on the ‘Actions’ icon.
  • You then continue with the payment by providing payment information and beneficiary information.
  • The traffic fee can be paid with a credit card.


Follow these processes to pay your Abu Dhabi police traffic fine online using TAMM:

  • Go to the TAMM website and select the Vehicle and Transportation option.
  • Then, select the Traffic Violations and Fines option. You may pay traffic sanctions in Abu Dhabi here. To make the payment, you will need your Emirates ID and car registration number.
  • You will receive an e-receipt after your money has been received.
  • TAMM accepts payments with debit/credit card or E-dirham.

Abu Dhabi Police Official Website and App

Traffic penalties in Abu Dhabi could be paid online using the official Abu Dhabi Police website or app. You may look up information with your traffic number, Emirates ID, car plate number, or driving licence number.

To make online traffic payments and use other e-services, you need to first register with the Abu Dhabi Police Department. This registration is also required in order to use the Abu Dhabi Police app. Please confirm that you have a valid Emirate Identity Card and a current Federal Traffic and Licencing System traffic profile when joining up on the website or app.

If you are a registered member, you must log in and pay your Abu Dhabi traffic fine online.

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