4 Ways to Download Your TikTok Videos Without The Watermark

You’ve definitely read of TikTok by now. And you’re not alone: the app has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Because of its broad organic reach (especially when you tweak your material for getting more views), the platform is ideal for producers. The problem is that there is no simple way to download your TikTok videos without the watermark.

This is a problem because you’re likely producing your films directly in the TikTok app. After you publish, you can choose to share your video on a different social media network. However, if you download it directly from TikTok, you will end up with a large TikTok watermark on your movie. fortunately there are a few simple solutions you can use to download TikTok movies without the watermark.

1. Video Eraser

You can remove a watermark from your TikTok video by simply editing it out yourself. This approach is simple since it just involves a few steps. First, you will download your video from TikTok. Just open the app, go to the video you want to download, tap Share Video, and then tap Save Video. Then, with the Video Eraser software, open your downloaded video and use their features to erase the watermark from it.

The disadvantage of this method is that the final outcome may appear sloppy. That’s because tools like Video Editor basically “remove” the watermark by blurring it away using extra pixels. If you want a polished and clean end output.

2. SnapTik

If editing it yourself sounds like too much work, you can always try a third-party tool created expressly to download films without the watermark. SnapTik is available as a desktop application and a mobile app. It’s an excellent choice because you don’t have to install any software on your computer or phone. You only need your TikTok video URL. You can get it by going to TikTok, picking the video you want to download, hitting the Share icon, and then selecting the Copy Link option. Then you simply copy that link and paste it into SnapTik’s dedicated area, and you’ll have your watermark-free movie in a matter of seconds. SnapTik is also free to use.

3. MusicallyDown

Another excellent free programme for downloading TikTok movies without the watermark is MusicallyDown. You can use this programme to download limitless TikTok videos without the watermark for free. All you have to do is go to the TikTok app or website and find the TikTok video you want to download. Then copy the video URL, set it into MusicallyDown, and click the Download button. MusicallyDown also allows you to download your TikTok videos in MP4 HD or MP3 file format.

4. TikSave

TikSave is another excellent choice when it comes to third-party applications. The software works similarly to SnapTik in that you simply copy the link to the TikTok video you want to download and paste it into the TikSave app. Unlike SnapTik, this app requires an annual fee. It has, nevertheless, more abilities than SnapTik. TikSave can be used to extract and split audio from TikTok videos, assess video statistics, and more, in addition to downloading TikTok videos. If you download TikTok videos on a regular basis and use the other features, TikSave may be worth the monthly fee.

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