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The ultimate dining guide to Al Seef

Everyone is aware of Al Seef. This 1.8 kilometre section serves as Dubai’s entryway into the past, drawing tourists from over the nation who want to see the city as it was some years ago, before the glistening, cloud-chasing skyline emerged on the horizon. As you explore this lively region, which is the place to go for all things local and historical, you’ll find an astonishing assortment of food alternatives to satisfy your appetite in every mood. You may get anything from a laid-back café date to an elegant sit-down meal to a street-style splurge.

Wokyo Noodle Bar

There’s nothing better than a steaming, filling bowl of ramen, and Wokyo Noodle Bar provides the best ramen fix around. The noodle cafe is well-known for its Sapporo-style ramen, which is made with real ramen noodles and fresh vegetables simmering in a broth for ten hours. You should also try the homemade spring rolls, chicken gyoza, and tteokbokki, which will have you licking the bowl. And if you’re a vegan, the eatery welcomes you.

Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe

If you want to experience authentic Emirati cuisine and remain devoted to the spirit of the place, have dinner at Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe. Grilled seabream, fish machboos, kingfish biryani, grilled prawns, and other fresh seafood dishes are among the menu options offered by the restaurant. It offers genuine local food as well. Additionally, the restaurant provides a wide selection of popular breakfast dishes including shahshooka and keema all day long, along with breakfast trays large enough to feed two.

Doors Freestyle Grill

The acclaimed Chef Kemal Çeylan is the creator of Doors Freestyle Grill, which is situated in the heart of the Al Seef district. It provides superb, perfectly cooked meat and seafood slices, as well as a fun freestyle grilling concept that’s suitable for big parties. Salads, sides dishes, and desserts complete the menu. At 12,000 square feet, Doors is a waterfront attraction that is quite the show. She’s fancy, with a sheesha lounge, a mixology lab, VIP private majlis, and terrace seats outside.


The people love having their own Mediterranean area, so every old Dubai neighbourhood should have one. Take a look at Skafos in Al Seef, located in the stunning Canopy by Hilton waterfront hotel. Savour delicious food and celebrate the Mediterranean lifestyle while taking in breath-blowing views of Dubai Creek. Everything is available here, including seesha, paella, drinks, and brunch.

Haleeb O Heil

This restaurant and cafe, which honours Kuwaiti cuisine with a passion for sweets, offers another taste of the good life in the area. The restaurant serves up a mouthwatering breakfast menu and other savoury dishes in addition to an impressive assortment of desserts, both traditional and typical. In addition to providing delicious meals, the seaside cafe also provides catering if needed.


You can never have too much sugary goodness, so here’s to another dessert. Hakiki offers genuine Turkish pastries like baklava that are sure to please. This is the place where you can actually taste the sweet, syrupy filo pastry morsels topped with pistachios that you’ve seen in photos and films. They also serve Turkish tea and have a Turkish ice cream stand outside. It’s worth a try because it’s not like the usual things. Mix some ice cream with your baklava to create a delicious dessert combo.


This is your modern-day burger joint. From delicious pastas to mixed grills and pizzas to burgers and even an assortment of grilled seafood, ILA Restaurant and Cafe pretty much has it all. This is an excellent place to go if you’re in a large party and finding it difficult to select what to eat because it will satisfy every craving present. This is a nice area to hang out because of the laid-back ambiance and stunning views of Dubai Creek.

Chokhi Dhani

Get a taste of real Indian food at Chokhi Dhani, where you’ll be greeted with grandeur. The restaurant offers authentic Rajasthani cuisine and atmosphere, complemented with live folk music.For authentic Marwari flavours, dishes from the former princely state as well as from throughout the subcontinent are served. Imagine large thalis, pot curries, and rotis slathered in ghee and butter.


Travelling to Nablus will transport you to the modern city on the northern West Bank of Palestine, which bears the same name. This is the recipe for the beloved sweet dish kanafeh, which comes in a plethora of variations nowadays. This place evokes memories of the brick lanes and alleys of ancient Nablus, as well as the local cuisine that was consumed there. Taste all of the traditional Palestinian cuisine, and don’t forget to finish with kanafeh from Nablus.

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