Top 8 Christian Bookstores in the UAE

It is imperative for a Christian to engage in Bible study in small groups or read the scriptures at least once a week. Not only will it strengthen your confidence in Jesus, but reflecting on God’s words will revitalise your mind. This will support you in overcoming depression or homesickness as an OFW or expat and inspire you to maintain your faith during difficult circumstances, whether they arise domestically or overseas.

Being a Christian in the UAE is worry-free because it permits foreigners to practise their religion freely as long as there is harmony among moral standards and the general public. Although Islam is the official religion of the United Arab Emirates, the country has demonstrated its tolerance for other religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, with the recent establishment of the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi. This is a list of Christian bookshops and churches where you can purchase the Holy Bible, Christian literature, and theological materials!

1. Bible Society Book Centre

Address: Jebel Ali Village, Dubai – Dubai Evangelical Church Centre; Phone: +971 4 808 9955

Hours: Monday through Friday, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends, and closed on Mondays
The best products include Bibles, merchandise, devotionals, and Christian resources.

Cost: AED 50 and above

The Bible Society Book Centre in the Dubai Evangelical Church Centre in Jebel Ali Village is a great place for Christian bookworms to shop. You’ll like the welcoming atmosphere of the bookstore in addition to the wide selection of books and supplies it offers in-store! It’s understandable why so many Christians and churchgoers in the United Arab Emirates visit Jebel Ali to purchase books!

2. Book Kinokuniya

Since the country is mostly an Islamic state, there are not many Christian book shops; still you can still purchase Christian books and religious materials from well-known book sellers, like the Book Kinokuniya location in Dubai Mall, which is one of the largest mall bookstores. Books by authors like CS Lewis, Timothy Keller, and Chicken Soup for the Soul are just a few examples of the many Christian and other religious titles that are available in stores!

If you’re a book fan, one of the greatest bookstores in the UAE is The Book Kinokuniya! Here, in addition to faith-based literature, you may also find magazines and other materials. Why don’t you visit this bookshop in Dubai Mall while you’re dining or shopping?

3. Theology Matters ME

Don’t worry if you prefer to purchase books online rather in-store. It is still possible to buy Christian literature in the convenience of your own home. The aim of the bookstore Theology Matters ME is to supply authentic Biblical resources to the local community. It makes no difference if you’re a bookworm, a seminarian, or someone who wants to deepen your faith through church volunteer work.

Theology Matters ME is a reliable source for time-worthy book recommendations. You can browse a wide variety of books, including biographies, academic texts, devotionals, and Bibles, on their Instagram page! Theology Matters ME sells products, like Heidelberg Q&A1 posters and lyric cards with beautiful graphics.

4. Fellowship Dubai Church

One of the Christian churches in Dubai is called Fellowship Dubai, formerly known as Friendship of the Emirates. On the fourth floor of the Two Seasons Hotel, you can visit their bookstall, that sells Christian materials including books and devotionals, during one of their on-site worship sessions.

Following the service, you can nosh about, have deep discussions with other members of the church, and peruse a few books from their bookstall. You don’t need to purchase a Bible at Fellowship Dubai because they provide free Bibles in both English and Filipino. All you have to do is greet the welcoming staff and ask for one. They may also have Bibles in other languages.

5. Redeemer Church of Dubai

The Redeemer Church of Dubai is another Christian church where you may go to worship and also pick up some new books to take home; you can check out their bookstall after the service. There are many books available, and you don’t need to worry if you’re having trouble choosing because a staff is here to assist you by suggesting the greatest Christian publications or materials! The Redeemer Church of Dubai can be found close to Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre, in the Millenium Plaza Downtown Suites.

6. Amazon. AE

If you love to shop online, you might want to look into purchasing Christian books from Amazon AE. Not only is online shopping convenient for you, but you can have your books delivered right to your door without having to leave the house. The UAE’s economy is greatly influenced by e-commerce. There are a lot of Christian books and Bibles available on Amazon AE. When you’re in the nation, you don’t need to worry about what to read next.

7. Binge. AE

Binge is an additional online retailer to take into account when purchasing Christian products or publications. You can browse a variety of books in their store, including Bible colouring books and devotionals. Books by best-selling writers like Thomas Nelson and Max Lucado will be available for you to read.

8. The Holy Trinity Church

If you’re ever in the region and would want to visit the church, the Holy Trinity Church in Oud Metha is a fantastic choice for people who reside close to the city centre or are searching for a place to be fed spiritually. This church welcomes people of different ethnic backgrounds, and since other denominations rent space there to have services, you can see if they also have access to other Christian resources. If you want to go for a walk, you can also visit the St. Mary’s bookstore!

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