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You can now get Expo style passport stamps at Global Village

It’s nearly hard to avoid making analogies between Expo 2020 and Global Village, at least unconsciously.

Of course, the international pavilions, reminiscent of a Wonka factory, are a major component of the experience at both sites. They also have a similar love for family-friendly attractions and culinary adventures. The entertainment calendars at both sites also overlaps, with events including races, concerts, shows, challenges, fireworks, and commotion.

Expo patronum

It was not a copy and paste job; there were big differences: Expo 2020 burned brilliantly and will live on in memory forever through its legacy project Expo City, but GV was and will always be the original.

Global village passports

If there was one thing we could bring back from the Expo and introduce into Global Village, it would be… That would be the passports they formerly distributed. Do you recall which ones? Rushing around trying to get the stamps from every booth, shoving people aside, and acting as though you’re a stowaway on Taylor Swift’s tour plane are all part of the experience.

It appears that these sentimental desires have come true since Global Village has unveiled its own pavilion passport, which is being offered at the Globo Center, which is next to the Kuwait Pavilion.

Stamp-ede incoming

It’s important to note that Global Village will close for the summer on April 28, 2024, if you’re up for the challenge. That leaves you with just 30 days from today to collect just 27 stamps. Simple.

Ramadan nights

The region will be open to guests every day from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m. during Holy Month.

In addition to the longer opening, Global Village will have a new Ramadan Wonders Souk located directly in the heart of the souk. There will be trinkets, handcrafted nicknacks, and traditional Holy Month things available at the Emirati-themed bazaar.

By merely globetrotting, you could be eligible to win some huge prizes during the month. During The Ramadan Step Challenge, get 10,000 steps in a single day at the park and record it on the Global Village app to be entered into a drawing to win appliances like an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

A Ramadan cannon, the traditional method for the region’s people to mark the end of their fast, will be back in the themed outdoor wonder emporium. Other events include a daily Arabian Orchestra performance on the main stage, featuring thirty musicians; a Ramadan-themed laser and fire show on Dragon Lake; special kid-friendly shows; and an extravagant Tannoura extravaganza.

Around the Globe

In 1997, this “world’s fair” in Dubai first attracted tourists with a small set of kiosks. Since then, it has grown dramatically, offering a wide range of rides, dining options, mini golf, national pavilions, floating markets, carnival fun, foodie trails, concerts, and spectacular fireworks twice a week (on Friday and Saturday starting at 9 p.m.).

What, though, hasn’t expanded much alongside it? The price of admittance. Global Village has defied the allure of inflation, and as of right now, early online booking only costs Dhs27 for tickets.

See our comprehensive guide for additional details on what’s available to do at Global Village this year.

During Ramadan, Global Village in Dubailand is open daily from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.; tickets start at Dhs 27.

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