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The United Arab Emirates is connected to important global locations through its airports. Visitors can swiftly explore the area, while people of the expat community may easily return home. Among the commercial, private, civic, and military airports in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai International Airport is the busiest. Foreign visitors constantly complimented the superb facilities at UAE airports and expressed satisfaction with their overall trip experience.

What is the number of airports in the nation? Let’s study.

The list of UAE Airports

Every airport in the United Arab Emirates prioritises passenger safety and security and offers superior facilities. Even though Dubai International Airport is the most well-known airport in the United Arab Emirates, other airports there are as important to the growth of the national economy. A list of UAE airports with the necessary data is available here. In order to ensure an effortlessly travel experience, use this information if you want to visit the area shortly.

Abu Dhabi International Airport

The second-largest airport in the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi International Airport, often referred to as AUH airport. Founded in 1982, it functions as a hub for fifty airlines, offering flights to more than 102 locations. Terminal A, often known to travellers as Midfield Terminal, opened in 2023. The international airport in Abu Dhabi won the 2016 Air Transport News Awards’ “Airport of the Year” in the 10–30 million category.

Abu DhAabi Airport terminal A

With its latest opening, the Midfield Terminal can handle over 11,000 passengers an hour and about 45 million passengers a year. The building has a transit hotel, grocery stores, eateries, coffee shops and hospitality lounges. The newest the internet, such facial recognition, a comprehensive baggage management system, and a Smart Travel System, are beneficial to passengers.

Abu Dhabi Airport terminal 1 – T1

There are three floors in T1, the oldest airport. An arrivals section with passport control, baggage and departure areas, security check and check-in workplaces is situated on the ground floor.

Abu Dhabi Airport terminal 2 – T2

The AUH airport has three buildings, the smallest of which is Terminal 2. Arrivals and departures happen on the same floor. Furthermore not in use is Terminal 2.

Abu Dhabi Airport terminal 3 – T3

T3 is an expansion of Terminal 1 created to better serve consumers on Etihad Airways. Departure Gates 28–35 and 58–61 are present, and it is now an active facility.

Things to do at the Abu Dhabi International Airport

Even during a lengthy transit, you won’t be bored at the Abu Dhabi International Airport since there are so many things to do there.

The Abu Dhabi International Airport has a large number of restaurants and bars plus retail stores. You could check out Shawa SO, Jones The Grocer, District Pana, Lulu Roastery Meat, Puro Gusto, Starbucks, Brioche Dorée, Culto Cafe and Bottega Bar, among the dining establishments! The Daily and Coffee

Access to the Abu Dhabi airport lounge is provided by several bank credit cards, enabling you to refuel and freshen up before your trip. Sir Bani Yas Airport and Delma Airport are two more minor airports in Abu Dhabi that serve visitors to the islands.

Dubai International Airport

Since its opening in 1960, the volume of travellers using Dubai International Airport has gone up substantially. Easily the busiest airport in the United Arab Emirates, it handles close to 200,000 people per day.

DXB airport is much more than just a hub for travel, which is an interesting truth about it. As a matter of fact, it has been important in making Dubai a popular travel destination. The Dubai Airport has superb facilities, including a few of the best restaurants around.

Dubai International Airport terminals  

The airport at Dubai International has three different terminals. Gates D, F, and A, B, and C will be found in Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. Shuttle buses connect all three terminals of the Dubai Airport to the others.

Dubai International Airport terminals 1 (T1)

T1 can only handle international travel and handles more than 20 million passengers a year. Sixty foreign airlines are now able to operate at the airport thanks to the relatively new Concourse D expansion. There is a passenger train at the terminal that makes travelling to and from the gate stress-free.

Departures are taken care of by Level 1 of the T1, arrivals are handled by Level 2, while services and concessions are managed by Level 3.

Among the services offered are:

  • Banking and ATMs
  • rooms for baby care
  • Centre for Business
  • Companies that recruit cars
  • Kids’ play area
  • Exchange offices for currency
  • Lots of parking
  • Access to transportation

At T1, there are multiple lounges, including:

  • Lounge Marhaba (D Gates)
  • Ahlan Business Class Lounge
  • Ahlan First Class Lounge
  • Concorde Bar and British Airways Galleries Lounge
  • Senator Lounge on Lufthansa
  • SkyTeam Lounge
  • Business Lounge on Lufthansa

Dubai International Airport terminals 2 (T2)

The headquarters for charter, foreign, and special interest flights is T2. T2 is home to over 50 airlines servicing more than 5 million people. Furthermore, the airport’s terminal includes the newest e-gates, baggage carousels, and immigration stands.

T2’s Levels 1 and 4 manage arrivals. Level 3 is the arrivals region, while Level 2 is the boarding level. The list of services includes:

  • Trading shops for currency
  • Banking and ATMs
  • Lots of parking
  • Cafeterias and Restaurants
  • Companies that recruit cars
  • Access to transportation
  • Centre for Business

Marhaba Lounge (F Gates) and flydubai Business Class Lounge are the two lounges located at T2.

Dubai International Airport terminals 3 (T3)

At T3, 60 million people may be accommodated annually. Here was Concourse A built, the world’s first A380-specific structure. The airport’s other two concourses are Concourses B and C. Due to its efficient procedures and processes, delays are kept to a minimal even though the airport is one of the busiest in the world. Emirates flights use this facility primarily.

Level 1 is for arrivals, Level 2 is for boarding, Level 3 is for departures, and Level 3 also has a food court and shop section. Frequent passengers also enjoy shopping at Dubai Airport’s T3 boutiques.

Similarly, food is served to all passengers at Terminal 3’s Concourse B cafes.

Among the services provided here are:

  • Airport Health Centre
  • Banking and ATMs
  • Rooms for baby care
  • Storage of bags
  • Centre for Business
  • Companies that hire cars
  • Kids’ play area
  • Exchange offices for currencies
  • The Dubai International Hotel
  • Lots of parking
  • Prayer spaces
  • Cafeterias and Restaurants
  • Access to transportation
  • Wi-Fi availability

T3 lounges consist of:

  • Marhaba Lounge (Atrium).
  • Plaza Superior Lounge
  • Lounge Marhaba (B concourse)
  • Lounge at B
  • Marhaba Lounge
  • First Class Lounge on Emirates
  • The Business Class Lounge of Emirates
  • Dubai International Hotel’s The Gallery
  • The Lounge at Emirates

Things to do at the Dubai International Airport

When it comes to tasks to do at DXB Airport, the best tackle to maximise your stopover is to spend time in the Dubai Airport lounges. You may discover all the conveniences you need to make your travel smoother, such restaurants and private sleeping areas. To find out if your bank provides free club access, check with them.

Those who have used the T3 train are going to be familiar with the beautiful Zen Garden. There are benches, a sizable green space, and a fish pond in this indoor garden. For kids, there is a play zone. Thus, it’s a great place for family time. At Dubai Airport, free Wi-Fi is also accessible everyone.

The greatest location for retail therapy is the famous Dubai Duty Free located at Terminal 1. Bombay Chowpatti, Starbucks, KFC, Costa Coffee, McDonald’s, Burger King and Jack’s Bar & Grill are some of the best restaurants at DXB Airport.

Would you want to learn more? See these amazing facts about Dubai Airport for some unusual viewpoints. Please be aware of the luggage policies and prohibited item list at Dubai Airport to ensure a hassle-free travel.

Sharjah International Airport

The biggest runway in the area, accomplishing 4,060 m, is one of the most fascinating features of Sharjah International Airport. Because to its “open sky” status, the airport is open to airlines from all over the world. It is ten km from Sharjah City Centre and just twenty minutes by car from Dubai International Airport.

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