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14 of the best entertainment bars to check out in Dubai

There are so many bars in Dubai that we at times want something more than just sitting around a table. Do you want to play golf or throw darts? Luckily for Dubai residents, the number of bars that provide more than simply a pint is staggering.

The 44

There are several activities available at this mancave-style sports pub. There are friendly competitions to keep you active in between meeting up with friends, such as darts, bowling, and pool. The 44 also offers a wonderful porch and a Live BBQ night from 8pm to 12am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which includes your choice of BBQ, two sides, and house drinks for only Dhs85.

Triple 7

Other excited large kids hurrying about having the fun of their life, lights blinking around. We are all familiar with and miss its enticement and nostalgia. Triple 7, located at the Radisson Blu Canal View in Business Bay Dubai, is set to become the new arcade for adults to relax and enjoy themselves.

Business Bay, Triple 7, Radisson Blu Canal View.


The huge kid’s playground is Bedrock Dubai at Pier 7. Live games are shown on their 20 screens, and if you want to get in on the action, try their state-of-the-art darts and their well-known indoor golfing area – ‘The Bunker’. The best part is that you can watch all of the live athletic activity in between golf swings.

Boom Battle Bar

This is the first abroad location for the popular entertainment bar. Boom Battle Bar is every big kid’s dream. Grab a couple of great drinks before battling it out with others at the dart boards, axe throwing, or the ultimate test of friendship with beer pong (house rules apply).

Brass Monkey

What more could you want after work than arcade games, 10-pin bowling, and drinks? This pub features an extensive array of old arcade games as well as modern ones for you to try. Challenge the others to a game of basketball or skeeball. The loser have to pay for the following round.


Virtual golf, pool tables, and even virtual football are available. Do you believe you can outscore Mbappe? Try it out between matches to put your target practise to the test. They run open mic weekends on Wednesdays if you’re interested.

BFF, Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate, 1pm-3am on Weekends and 3pm-1am on Mondays and Sundays.

Claw BBQ

An all-American business. Claw BBQ takes pride on its “come where you are” attitude. This Dubai-based club has everything you could need in an entertainment bar: a bucking bronco, punching bags, beer pong, foosball and more. Claw BBQ provides some great weekly discounts, so this night out won’t break the bank. On Thursdays, unlimited margaritas and all-you-can-eat food are available for Dhs179 per person at Claw BBQ.

Goose Island Tap House

The greatest craft beer experience greets you and your friends at our award-winning tap house. This hangout is ideal for sports fans to gather and have a few beers while taking part in snooker and virtual golf.

Goose Island Tap House, Five Jumeirah Village, JVC, is open Monday and Tuesday from 4pm to 2am, on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12pm to 2am, and Friday and Sunday from 12pm to 3am.

Lucky Voice

You know if you know. Lucky Voice is one of the best karaoke and comedy clubs in Dubai. If you haven’t been here, you’re missing out on some of the best bar touring in Dubai.

Lucky Voice, Grand Millenium Hotel, Hessa Street, open everyday from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. and on Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Mr Miyagi’s

Another iconic Dubai nightlife venue. Ending up at Mr Miyagi’s is a sign of a good night out. Whether you’re to serve a meal or just drinks with your friends, make sure you try your hand at beer pong or karaoke with Mr Miyagi himself.

Mr Miyagis has several locations in Dubai.

Rodeo Drive

This Rodeo Drive is focused on thrills and no frills. Your next night out just got a little bit crazier with live music and a bucking bronco in the centre of the pub. Take advantage of all of their promotions, such as Taco Tuesdays, when you can receive tacos and a pint of beer for Ds79.

Rodeo Drive, next to the White Crown Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, and Trade Centre.


Yes, this is, most definitely, a golf simulator. Topgolf, on the other hand, is one of the best entertainment bars in Dubai, providing a superb selection of food and drink that can be used while swinging golf clubs or at one of the on-site bars.


[u]bk is a history venue in Dubai that makes you feel like you’re a kid at a candy store. Karaoke, pool, arcade games, foosball tables, and extracurricular events are available.

Wave House

A family-friendly entertainment bar means that the kids may enjoy arcade games or bowling while you catch up with your parent friends. If you want, you can join kids and enjoy classic pinball machines, pool, and other pastimes.

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