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5 great pasta dishes in Abu Dhabi you must try

Few cuisines have the timeless popularity that Italian food does, specifically with city crowds. Even though there seem to be a tonne of ideas here, there are a few dishes that really stick out, and we’re going to explain why. These are Abu Dhabi’s top 5 pasta dishes.

Pasta Al Forno

As part of their special Sunday Viaggio in Italia breakfast (from Dhs245), we had the treat of sampling this amazing dish—specifically, the Sicilian type. Baked spaghetti is the base for a creative mixture that involves beef ragout, veal ham and other protein-dense ingredients. You must sample it when you visit Abu Dhabi; it’s flavorful and hearty.

Gnocchi alle vongole

It’s difficult to argue with some of the What’s On crew when they are gushing about Talea at the Emirates Palace Ming Grand.The gnocchi alle vongole (Dhs145) at this Michelin-starred restaurant is a deceptively little serving that really packs a tonne of taste and takes up quite a bit of room once you’re done enjoying the meal.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Your feet will get you to Paradiso sooner rather than later if you’re wanting Italian food on Yas Bay. But if you’re looking for a fantastic pasta food once you’re seated and ready to order, we suggest the spaghetti bolognese (Dhs90), and the beef mince really elevates the flavour to a whole new level.Do you feel like you’ve heard this advice multiple times already? That should to tell you how great it is. Have fun.


That’s the Napoletana for you: uncomplicated, carefree, and subtly lovely. As part of a two-course meal that costs Dhs135 you may add prawns to this flavor-packed bowl of fresh rigatoni with basil, fresh tomatoes, and tomato-based sauce for a cost of Dhs 35. Why is the Napoletana so beloved? Because a classic is always a good choice.

Fusilli al pesto

Cipriani’s fusilli al pesto genovese (Dhs125) is one of the best dishes in Abu Dhabi, served at one of the top restaurants in the city. This is only one dish from Cipriani on Yas Marina’s unending menu of superb Italian cuisine that is rich, filling, and beneficial. You definitely don’t need to look any farther if you enjoy the unique scent of pesto.

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