Seven Types of Dubai Housemates to Avoid

We’ve all done home sharing in Dubai at some time. Rent can be excessive, and we’re all here to make money at the end of the day. Sharing an apartment in the emirate, like in any big city across the world, may be an excellent way to save money, especially when we first arrive. However, it is often preferable to focus on gaining a rise at work or investing in the stock market over sharing a flat with the seven sorts of Dubai housemates listed below. Take attention, new roommates!

1. The Narcissist

You recognise the type. He or she is either a professional model in Dubai or someone who believes he or she is. If you live with a Dxb Narcissist, you are likely to see an endless stream of selfies, puckered lips (whether male or female), constant Instagramming, hogging a bathroom mirror, exclusive insights into trash culture, and, of course, the’me, me, me’ chatter. At all costs, avoid.

2. The Slob

So you want to do home share with a complete stranger… We suggest giving them a surprise visit at their present address first. It’s difficult, but it’s the easiest method to assess how clean they are. If you don’t, you could get up one day and find filthy dishes piled up to the ceiling, despite a perfectly functioning dish washer. Do you lead an unhealthy lifestyle? It most likely comes with the bundle.

3. The gym nerd

This personality type is comparable to the narcissist, but a little more… One-dimensional. While there are those who aim to develop their minds as well as their muscles, Dubai is no stranger to people whose lives revolve almost totally on training, gym friends, protein drinks, pills, and so on. This individual would rather go to the gym than do anything else, often to your harm. They’re also prone to leave their exercise gear and protein bars scattered about their home.

4. The shisha smoker

With all due respect to the Arab world, no one should smoke or use shisha in the company of their non-smoking housemate(s) without first seeking permission. Lung cancer is one of the top causes of death globally, therefore cigarette smoking away in close contact to a non-smoker is an important flat sharing violation in our eyes – especially if the Smoker does it more than every week.

5. The loner

“Where have you been, roomie?” How is your day going? “Let’s watch a movie together!” This type of Dubai flatmate could be anything but an expat who is still developing his or her clique. After all, nearly all of us are tourists here, and not everyone adapts at an identical rate. However, if someone has been with you for a year or two and you’re still lonely and clinging, they’re usually socially uncomfortable or perhaps completely blind to boundaries. It’s not pleasant.

6. The party maniac

The Party Maniac, like The Loner, will sap your energy in numerous ways. You know the type: single, in their early twenties to mid-thirties, seeking crazy evenings out every weekend and on occasion even during the week (wine tastings, ladies nights, quiz nights). The Party Maniac may be fun to live with for a few weeks, but you’ll soon be lamenting your halted sleep habits – especially if he or she has a liquor licence.

7. The negative norma / norman

Negative Norma / Norman is coming to destroy your and your home guests’ Dubai vacation. Nothing ever pleases them, and trouble always follows them. However, instead of admitting responsibility for their conduct, Negative Norma/Norman would often say: ‘It’s all Dubai’s fault!’ or ‘Life is so much simpler back home!” We tell them that life is what you make it.

Have we missed anyone? Which of the following sorts of Dubai roommates do you believe is the worst? If you’ve lately found yourself in one of the scenarios stated above, or if you think you could be one of the sorts, use Bayut to discover a new flat or villa for rent in Dubai.

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