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The top 7 Seafood Restaurants in Abu Dhabi | Enjoy the Best and Fresh Seafood 

Looking for Seafood Restaurants in Abu Dhabi that provide Signature Seafood? The best way to enjoy a fresh seafood catch is to cook it precisely and serve it promptly. The following are the best seafood restaurants and guests in Abu Dhabi.

With its long coastline, several charming islands, and rich nautical heritage, Abu Dhabi is unsurprisingly a destination for seafood establishments. In addition, to save you the hassle of examining the web for reviews and recommendations, we put together a list of some of our favourite places for a mari-old-time.

Finding Abu Dhabi’s best seafood restaurant calls for knowing where to search. You can’t go wrong with any of these Abu Dhabi seafood restaurants, whether you want something more affordable or someplace that specialises solely in seafood.

Dampa Seafood Grill – Top Rated Seafood Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Dampa Seafood Grill is one of Abu Dhabi’s busiest and most lively seafood restaurants, and it will make you joyful right away. With never-ending smiles and vibrancy, the staff performs an excellent job of making your eating experience wonderful. The food served here is wonderful.

Dampa Seafood Grill restaurant is at the top of the directory of Abu Dhabi’s seafood restaurants.

The restaurant throws the complete prepared marine feast straight onto your table using a specific technique that is a beautiful gesture. The seafood dump looks delicious, particularly the Cajun-flavored kind. The food will be served boiling hot and fresh, so expect a sloppy occasion and absolute indulgence.

Location: Fatma Bint Mubarak Street, Al Danah, Zone 1, Abu Dhabi

Shrimp Pot – Best Seafood Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

If you enjoy shellfish and are seeking for a calm location to enjoy a dish of fresh catch, The Shrimp Pot is the place to go. When you eat here, you’ll get the feeling that you’re in a South East Asian restaurant with really high-quality food and great service. The friendly and courteous staff will make your eating experience more wonderful.

The restaurant is well-liked by the residents in the neighbourhood. Their unique sauces, in especially the curry and black pepper sauces, which you are certain to fall in love with straight right away, are the key to their deliciousness. The food is of the best quality, done to perfection, and the servings are enormous.

Off The Hook Seafood Restaurant

This institution, one of the few excellence seafood places in Abu Dhabi, serves a really ocean-fresh seafood surface. Off the Hook specialises in Louisiana-style seafood boils that are made better by their chefs’ unique mix of secret sauces.

You must try their delicious lobster, salmon, and crab claw recipes, which are all made to perfection. Each item on the menu has been skillfully created to guarantee a tasty fusion that provides a one-of-a-kind eating experience. In relation to other seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi, this restaurant has a more substantial presence and provides distinctive seafood.

Gandofly Seafood Restaurant

Gandofly on Defence Road in Abu Dhabi is the most significant place to sample seafood. This restaurant provides a range of delectable foods, including starters and entrees. Staff members are kind and informed.

In essence, this is a restaurant that serves Arabic cuisine. They also provide a children’s menu and complimentary appetisers.

You can have a meal that is both diverse and satisfying. Every meal is tasty, including soups, prawns and fish. You’ll surely return after you’ve been. The fish is really fresh, the sizes are large, and the service is quick. Because the site is often crowded, arrive early for the freshest and finest fish. Make an attempt. I guarantee you will not repent!


The success story began when “Fishmarket,” one of the city’s finest gastronomic experiences, opened in 1989. Despite the restoration, the new Fishmarket retains its traditions and essence: the freshest fish ready for your tastes in a private the coast location, along with the team’s attentive and caring service.

With its unusual seaside location, its large centre counter displaying fresh seafood on ice, and a broad selection of veggies cooked to your liking. There is no menu; just choose your favourite things from the large market display, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the programme while Chef Luthfi and his team create it for you.

Aquarium Restaurant

The award-winning Abu Dhabi seafood restaurant is famed for its freshness and uncommon flavours, and it is located in the heart of Yas Marina. Choose your order from the “Fish Market” part of the menu, which includes the freshest catch.

The view of the marina from this restaurant is truly amazing. So, while you gaze out over the sea, dig into your tasty plate of the freshest cuisine available. After sunset on most nights of the week, the restaurant morphs into a trendy nightclub replete with DJs and foot-stomping music.

The restaurant also prepares settings for private celebrations of important events like Valentine’s Day and other holidays. A four-course meal can be provided to you in your own cabana while live music is played for you.

Catch at St. Regis

This Abu Dhabi seafood restaurant combines sophistication and elegance with innovation to take your seafood experience to new heights. The restaurant takes pleasure in developing unique dishes and combinations that will captivate even the most discerning seafood taster and expert.

Catch, a new award-winning fish restaurant, is one of the St. Regis’ many popular eateries. The restaurant delivers a broad selection of fish cooked with a gourmet flame and has a magnificent atmosphere and excellent seaside views. Don’t forget to sample one of the restaurant’s exquisite sweet treats from its superb dessert menu after a full fish and shellfish splurge.

Final Words

Visit Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital city, if you like to eat seafood. Dampa Seafood Grill, Shrimp Pot, Off The Hook Seafood Restaurant, Gandofly Seafood Restaurant, Fishmarket, Aquarium Restaurant, and Catch at St Regis are just a few of the finest seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi where tourists can taste a broad range of seafood delicious foods.

Shellfish restaurants in Abu Dhabi cater to all tastes, whether you want it steamed, fried, or grilled. If you’re visiting Abu Dhabi, don’t pass up the chance to experience some of the city’s finest seafood delicacies at one of the many outstanding restaurants that offer up the catch of the day.

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